Managing Stress

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How to Cope with Difficult People with Less Stress

With some people, more sophisticated strategies and tactics are required to spare you the unwanted and avoidable stress of dealing with them. The following sections outline what you need to do. [more…]

Ten Events that Trigger Stress

Stress, like beauty, is often in the eye of the beholder. What may be incredibly stressful for you may be a minor irritation for someone else, and perhaps not stressful at all to a third person. [more…]

Ten Habits of Effective Stress Management

The following qualities are the most important skills and behaviors for reducing stress and creating stress resilience. How many of these describe you? If you can’t check off all [more…]

De-Stress throughout Your Day

Sometimes, stress occurs because the situation you’re in makes you a prisoner of the moment. You can’t escape. You have to be where you are, and, to make things worse, you don’t have much to do while you’re [more…]

Make Stress Management a Habit

Your attempts at stress reduction can easily fall victim to the same fate. Staying motivated and finding the time to practice your stress-management skills is not that easy. You may also find that, even [more…]

Use Cues as a Habit for Relieving Stress

Managing your stress is a little like managing your weight. In the beginning, you’re enthusiastic and, with much gusto and determination, you start dropping those pounds. Weeks [more…]

Three Ways to De-Stress Daily

Here are three ways to get in the habit of de-stressing. Developing day-to-day habits for home and work will ultimately help you live a less stressful life. For example, the simple act of taking a break [more…]

The Signs of Workplace Stress

No one single idea or technique can magically relieve all your stress; nor does every technique or approach work equally well for everyone. You need to put together a package of ideas and methods that [more…]

Start Your Workday Unstressed

Job-related stress is a major factor in your health and well-being. Getting to your job in reasonable condition is half the battle. By the time you open your office door [more…]

Calm Your Daily Commute

Most people have a very stressful experience commuting to work every day. They either battle for a seat (if they’re lucky) on a crowded train or sit in stop-and-go traffic for what seems like an eternity [more…]

Minimize Your Work Travel Stress

Your business travel may be more than getting to and from work, and travelling for business can be plenty stressful. You may spend a lot of time on trains or planes. To many, the idea of travel may seem [more…]

De-Stress during Your Workday

One of the secrets of effective stress management at work is finding ways to incorporate a variety of stress-reduction techniques into your workday. By using these methods on a regular basis you can catch [more…]

Stretches for Stress Relief at Work

For many of you, your work days are characterized by long periods of sitting at a desk or stuck in a cramped work area, punctuated only by trips to the coffee or copy machine. Other folks are on their [more…]

Create a Stress-Resistant Work Day

You may not be able to control every single stressful aspect of your job, but you probably have the power to control your personal work area. Your workspace can [more…]

Create a More Pleasant Workspace for Less Stress

Here are a few ways to take some of the stress out of your workspace. Your employer may not be entirely supportive of all of your stress-reducing efforts. If you share a tiny cubicle with three others, [more…]

Ergonomically Correct Workspaces Reduce Stress

Your desk or workspace can cause stress for other reasons besides disorganization. The problem is, your body wasn’t designed to sit and work in one place for long periods of time. When you sit in a stationary [more…]

Eat Well to Reduce Stress at Work

How and what you eat at work can make a big difference in your stress level. Eating the wrong foods, or even eating the right foods in the wrong amounts or at the wrong times, can make it harder for you [more…]

De-Stress with Company Perks

These days, larger companies and organizations offer a number of services and benefits that can help reduce your stress level. If you’re not aware of such perks, ask around or check with your HR office [more…]

Leave Work Relaxed and Stress-Free

You’ve had a long, long day at work. You’re tired and dragging your tush. The last thing you want to do is take your work stress home with you. Consider these guidelines to make sure you arrive home in [more…]

Be Assertive and Reduce Stress

Are you assertive or non-assertive in your interactions with others? Becoming effectively assertive in your interpersonal relationships can result in much less emotional distress. Whenever you act non-assertively [more…]

Revenge Is Sweet, but Forgiveness Is Less Stressful

One way to really reduce your stress level may be to forgive others and yourself. Revenge is a way of holding on to anger and frustration, which can cause chronic stress. [more…]

The Signs and Symptoms of Stress

The signs and symptoms of stress range from the benign to the dramatic — from simply feeling tired at the end of the day to having a heart attack. The more serious stress-related problems come with intense [more…]

What Is Stress?

Defining stress isn’t easy. Professionals who’ve spent most of their lives studying stress still have trouble defining the term. As one stress researcher quipped, “Defining stress is like nailing Jell-O [more…]

The History of Stress

Believe it or not, you have stress in your life for a good reason. To understand why stress can be a useful, adaptive response, you need to take a trip back in time. [more…]

The Signs of Stress

An important part of managing your stress is knowing what your stress looks like. Your stress responses can take different forms: bodily changes, emotional changes, and behavioral changes. Although they [more…]

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