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Overcoming Anxiety by Confronting Your Fears

No single strategy works more effectively in overcoming anxiety than exposure. Exposure involves putting yourself in direct contact with whatever it is that makes you anxious. Confronting your fears directly [more…]

Controlling Your Breathing for Five Minutes a Day

Figuring out how to breathe with your diaphragm is a key skill in overcoming anxiety. The diaphragm is the muscle that lies between your abdominal cavity and your lung cavity. Try this exercise to start [more…]

Understanding When You’re Thinking Anxiously

In order to master overcoming anxiety, you have to be able to identify and overcome anxious thinking. People with anxiety generally think differently from other people. Look out for the following signs [more…]

Overcoming Anxiety For Dummies Cheat Sheet (UK Edition)

Do you have anxieties hanging around and building up? Don’t panic. Negative thoughts, feelings and behaviours can be controlled and conquered in very simple steps. Take a look at these varied tips and [more…]

Overcoming Fear

Fear is a strong emotion and can be motivating for some people while being paralysing for others. Here are a few tips for overcoming fear: [more…]

Plan to Take Motivating Action

Planning to take positive action helps you to overcome barriers and keeps you moving forward. Here are some general tips to help you with your planning. [more…]

Visualising the Benefits of Motivation

Visualisation is about making use of all your senses: what you’re seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting, and smelling. Visualising a situation heightens your motivation and allows your mind and body to experience [more…]

Ten Motivating Tips

Achieving things can be hard when you feel demotivated. Help yourself to get motivated and stay motivated by always keeping these ten quick and easy tips in mind: [more…]

Consider Your Demotivators

You may need to check if there’s anything holding you back from getting on with the task in hand. Look at the following demotivators to see if they apply to you and if you need to change your situation [more…]

Creating a Motivational Environment

Your surroundings can have a strong influence on how you feel. Distractions can affect your motivation and stop you getting on with what you need to do. Think about: [more…]

Mini Motivation Questionnaire

Take a look at the following list of tasks and decide whether you want to achieve any of them. Select those activities you think you would like to take on: [more…]

Four Key Parts of Your Brain

The brain is complex but, thanks to cutting-edge science, knowledge of the brain has increased considerably. Here is a brief overview of the four key parts of the brain: [more…]

Five Questions to Ask before Training Your Brain

Everyone has days when they don’t feel on top form. The question is, does this happen to you all the time? Here are some questions that you can ask yourself as a kind of mini-check for how well your brain [more…]

Do’s and Don’ts of Training Your Brain

Before you get yourself going with the process of training your brain, take a quick note of these tips to help you on your way. [more…]

Five Considerations for Training Your Brain

Training your brain involves more than just your brain itself. From what to eat to doing the right physical activities, to socialising, you can help your brain to work more efficiently in lots of different [more…]

Enhancing Your Emotional Freedom Technique Results

When practising the energy therapy called Emotional Freedom Technique, you can do several things to enhance the results you get. First of all, make sure you’re specific with your words: [more…]

Using the Short Version of the Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping Routine

This 90-second, 4-basic-step procedure is the shortened version of the Emotional Freedom Technique energy therapy tapping routine. Make it easy to remember by using the acronym [more…]

Things to Check If Emotional Freedom Technique Is Not Working

Sometimes, you may not get the results you hoped for or expected from the Emotional Freedom Technique of energy therapy. If an EFT session is not bringing the relief you’d hoped for, try the following: [more…]

The Hand Tapping Points in Emotional Freedom Technique

Tapping different parts of your body is central to Emotional Freedom Technique, an increasingly popular energy therapy. This figure illustrates the tapping points on the finger and [more…]

The Main Tapping Points in Emotional Freedom Technique

Tapping various different parts of your body is central to practicing the energy therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique. This figure illustrates the main parts of the body to tap. [more…]

Training Your Brain For Dummies Cheat Sheet (UK Edition)

Everyone wants their brain to work at its best – whether you want to stay sharp to keep up with your children or come up on top at work. This Cheat Sheet gives you the essential need-to-know information [more…]

Motivation For Dummies Cheat Sheet (UK Edition)

Motivation is all about having the willpower to get started – and once you get going it can direct your life in many ways. This Cheat Sheet gives you the essential info you need up front to get you started [more…]

Emotional Freedom Technique For Dummies Cheat Sheet (UK Edition)

Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT as it’s better known, is fast becoming one of the leading energy therapies used by highly respected clinicians, psychologists and psychiatrists. This Cheat Sheet gives [more…]

Ten Life Coaching Beliefs for Personal Development

This list gives you ten truths about yourself that you can use to replace any old, unhelpful beliefs such as ‘I’m lazy’ or ‘I never succeed at anything’. At first you may find it hard to hold these new [more…]

Ten Healthy Attitudes for Personal Development

People who hold rational philosophies are generally less prone to emotional disturbances, such as anxiety and depression, and are more readily able to solve problems than others. Here are ten rational [more…]

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