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Five-Step Emotional Healing Process

Become familiar with the situations that disturb you, take action to enable yourself to balance your emotional response to them and make this emotional healing process an integral part of your life. [more…]

Six Tips to Calm Your Body through Breath

Should you find yourself feeling stressed or emotionally disturbed you can quickly re-establish your inner sense of calm and control by following these six tips: [more…]

Focusing on Positives for Emotional Healing

Developing the habit of focusing on the positives in your life and reminding yourself several times a day of those aspects that are working and going well enables you to regain perspective. [more…]

Emotional Healing For Dummies Cheat Sheet

When you're in the process of emotional healing, having some key information with you can be invaluable. Print out and pin up these tips and pointers, and you’ll always have the essentials at hand. [more…]

Ten Ways to Improve Your Mood – Instantly

If you experience the occasional low mood, try out the following list of ideas to help you handle the blues, boost you up and get you feeling positive again. [more…]

Calming Your Anxious Feelings

When you feel anxious all over, with sensations like sweaty hands, a shaky voice, a racing heart or an unsettled stomach, try a few relaxing breaths: [more…]

Using Your Imagination to Deal with Stress

Feeling stressed? Want to calm down quickly and easily? If you take the stress-producing thought or image and replace it with one that’s relaxing and calming, chances are that you’ll begin feeling much [more…]

Healthy Mind and Body All-in-One For Dummies Cheat Sheet

It doesn’t take a huge amount of time or effort to keep your mind and body in tip-top condition. Keep fit and healthy, and a more positive mental attitude will follow quite naturally. Small changes really [more…]

The Three-Stage Framework of a Helping Encounter

Use the three-stage model to manage each helping encounter in a counseling session. Be clear about the time you have available and that you structure the time into three sections: [more…]

Using a Holistic Approach to Counselling

Each person is an individual with different experiences helping form who and where he or she is today. The BEST-I BEST-Rmodel will remind you of this: [more…]

Knowing Your Responsibilities as a Listening Helper

As a listening helper in a counseling session, you need to be very clear about your role. The three pointers below can help you avoid getting over-involved and overwhelmed: [more…]

Taking Care of Yourself as a Counsellor

When faced with a tricky situation whilst using your counselling skills, refer to the helpful tips below. It is very important to remember to take: [more…]

Remembering That We Are Responsible for Our Feelings

We are each responsible for our own feelings. People react in different ways to the same events, so our reactions are not inevitable – they are the result of our history and [more…]

Managing Endings during Counselling Conversations

Many listening helpers struggle to end helping conversations. Try some of the following tactics to ensure that you begin and end you session in a timely manner: [more…]

Counselling Skills For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Whilst working to improve your counseling skills as a professional in the UK, having some key information at hand can be invaluable. Print out and pin up these useful reminders and guidelines to assist [more…]

Ten Habits to Foster for Managing Stress

If enjoying your life more is one of your New Year’s resolutions, you might want to learn how to manage stress better. The following is a short list of and behaviors for reducing stress and creating stress [more…]

How to Seek and Achieve Happiness

Perhaps you want to be happier this coming year. Being happier is a common New Year’s resolution. Although happiness is not entirely a state of mind, positive thinking can help make you a happier person [more…]

Ten Things You Can Do Today to Foster Happiness

You have to work to achieve happiness — the greater and more consistent the effort, the greater the eventual reward. Here are ten simple, effective strategies that, if you make them part of your daily [more…]

Ten Ways to De-Stress at Work

One of the secrets of effective stress management at work is finding ways to incorporate a variety of stress-reduction techniques into your workday. By using these methods on a regular basis you can catch [more…]

How to Quiet Your Mind

Finding ways to reduce your stress levels will increase your happiness. Sometimes distracting yourself isn’t enough to quiet your mind. Sometimes you need stronger measures to eliminate, or at least slow [more…]

Finding Your Inner Life Coach

Good news – you have an inner coach, that inner voice who silences your inner critic, cheers you on to have a go and celebrates your progress. Your inner coach supports you in the following ways: [more…]

Achieving Your Life Coaching Goals

SMARTEN UP your goal setting to ensure the best life coaching results. When you’re planning effective action to improve your life, make sure your goals are: [more…]

Taking Stock of Your Current and Ideal Life

Life coaching is all about creating the life you really want. Your life is a balance of doing (from everyday chores to running marathons), having (material possessions as well as intangible things like [more…]

Life Coaching For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Use the at-a-glance figures and tips in this Cheat Sheet to prepare yourself to make changes, take control and fulfil your potential with life coaching. [more…]

Defining Hypnotherapy Terms

Hypnotherapy can include some confusing jargon. Here we offer you some definitions to demystify hypnotherapy words and phrases and help you get to grips with understanding what it’s all about. [more…]


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