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How to Recover When Your Willpower Slips

Any endeavour that requires willpower – whether quitting smoking, sticking to that diet or following the latest exercise regime – is prone to setbacks. When you face a setback, as you almost certainly [more…]

Using Rewarding Activities to Boost Willpower

When you’ve worked hard on something that challenges and depletes your willpower, suppressed appetites and desires can come to the fore. Thoughts such as ‘I deserve a drink/smoke/extra portion/day off [more…]

Using Motivation to Boost Willpower

Motivation can compensate for depleted willpower. Whether your goal is losing weight, getting fit or finishing a project on time, reminding yourself of the reasons you committed to your goal in the first [more…]

Perfectionism and Procrastination Get in the Way of Willpower

Without doubt, from the perspective of willpower, the most challenging personality characteristic is perfectionism. Continually striving for unrealistically high standards and beating yourself up when [more…]

What Does Self-Confidence Have to Do with Willpower?

Pessimistic thinking styles are closely linked to low self-confidence and low self-esteem. Low self-esteem is a generalised type of low self-worth, based on a perception of consistent, cumulative failure [more…]

How a Positive Attitude Affects Willpower

Along with good sleep, diet and exercise, one extra ingredient helps boost your willpower: acknowledging your success and celebrating your achievements. Recalling a successful, enriching or happy occasion [more…]

How to Manage Stress for Healthy Willpower

Stress saps willpower. In order to use willpower effectively you need to understand stress and how to manage it. Evolution has bequeathed you with a highly tuned system for responding to threats. In a [more…]

Good Sleeping Habits Help Support Willpower

A good night’s sleep helps you get the most from your willpower, but poor sleep, particularly if it’s a regular occurrence, dilutes your willpower. Good-quality sleep also enables you to dream, because [more…]

Daily Physical and Mental Exercise for Healthy Willpower

Inevitably, you already do physical and mental activities, so upgrading these into exercise shouldn’t require too much effort or willpower. The difference between activity and exercise is that the latter [more…]

10 Ways to Support Your Willpower

From eating well to getting good brain exercise to planning where you'll shop, the tips you'll find here can help you boost your willpower and achieve your goals! [more…]

Coaching Yourself in Personal Willpower

Being your own willpower coach doesn’t boost your brain capacity or invest you with any special powers, but it does ensure that you maximise the key ingredient of success: willpower. [more…]

The Cognitive Behavioural Model for Anxiety Management

Central to the anxiety management program called Cognitive Behavioural Model (CBT) is the personal appraisal made of every moment, every interaction and every experience that we encounter in our day-to-day [more…]

Seeing Anxiety as a Part of Life

Anxiety has many faces. One of these faces is functioning as a normal emotion that keeps you alert and responsive to your environment and its challenges. For example, a person preparing to make a presentation [more…]

Overcoming Anxiety: Dealing with Specific Worries

One particularly poignant experience of fearful responding occurs in obsessive thoughts of being aggressive or harmful to someone precious to you. When a loving mother is tortured by explicit sexual or [more…]

Helping Others with Anxiety

Helping others with an anxiety issue is a common experience in life. When a parent notices hesitation and doubt in her child’s response to swimming in the water or facing a dog, this can really help in [more…]

7 Ways to Deal with Emotional Distress

When emotionally distressed, your mind struggles to see and think clearly. The appraisals you make affect the emotional response that follows. If threat, uncertainty, doubt or fear predominates, the emotional [more…]

Facing Anxiety Triggers

When anxiety becomes a problem, the affected person is hampered by stressful symptoms that inhibit clear thinking and proper management of feelings. This then leads to avoidance and escape; we’re ‘wired’ [more…]

Taking a Look at Problem Anxiety

Anxiety can be an uncomfortable notion. Symptoms flare suddenly and are alarming and overwhelming. When panicky, a person’s fears peak at the possibility of dying. When worrying, no other focus seems possible [more…]

Regulating Anxiety

Excessive anxiety brings intense emotions, worrying thoughts and physical tension. Most people are able to physically locate the focal point of their stress, like tension in the jaw or across the forehead [more…]

Overcoming Anxiety For Dummies Cheat Sheet (Australian/New Zealand Edition)

If you’re trying to overcome anxiety, you need a broad-based approach to building a working model for understanding problem anxiety and specific treatment options that are based on sound principles of [more…]

Tips for Connecting with Coworkers

Because you spend much of your day with your coworkers, getting to know them and getting along with them are essential. Here are tips for forming stronger workplace relationships: [more…]

Assess Your Self-Esteem

Before you can determine what changes to make in your life, it’s a good idea to get a better sense of how you see yourself at this time. Answer each question as honestly as you can. Rate yourself on each [more…]

Recognize Your Cruel and Judgmental Self-Talk

Negative thoughts you have about yourself reflect your feelings about yourself. But realize that these are just your feelings — they’re not the actual truth. Most people began to have these feelings and [more…]

10 Principles to Build and Maintain a Friendship with Yourself

One of the most powerful ways to build your self-esteem is to be your own best friend. Practice these ten principles to love and support yourself: [more…]

Positive Words to Use in Your Affirmations

Saying and thinking affirmations often is one of the most valuable ways to change your self-talk. If you say uplifting things to yourself that help you reach your goals and reflect the sense of self-worth [more…]

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