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10 Anger-Freeing Thoughts

Anger management is a case of mind over matter. What you have in your mind matters — it spells the difference between being full of anger versus anger-free. [more…]

Stress and Your Values

“What,” you may ask, “have my values and attitudes got to do with the stress in my life?” The answer is, “Lots.” Your personal values and your overall philosophy of life play a major role in determining [more…]

Clarify Your Values and Reduce Stress

Your own values can affect your level of stress in your daily life. Here are several exercises designed to help you discover and clarify what values and goals are important to you. These exercises aren’t [more…]

Reach Your Goals and Manage Your Stress

Reaching your goals and living by your values is one huge way to live with less stress. Try to spend some time identifying your values and goals, and then look at how you are realizing them. [more…]

Express Gratitude and Reduce Stress

Research has shown that people who feel gratitude are happier, report more life satisfaction, and report less stress. Grateful people are less likely to be depressed, anxious, lonely, and neurotic. But [more…]

Keep a Mental Gratitude Journal for Less Stress

Feeling and expressing gratitude goes a long way toward alleviating your stress in daily life. Intuitively you know you should feel and express gratitude, but you may put it into practice less often than [more…]

Stress: Thinking Errors that Hinder Optimism

Much of your stress might come from looking at the future with either anxiety or hopelessness. Fearing the uncertainty of the future, believing that the worst will happen, depressing yourself about the [more…]

Stress Management: Construct an Optimistic Future

If you think you are overstressed by negative thoughts, you can examine and challenge those thoughts. You probably have many stories you tell yourself about your life that give it meaning and shape the [more…]

Stress Management: Challenge Your Negative Thoughts

Stress can come from your own thinking errors that can create a rather pessimistic and hopeless view of the future. Arguing with yourself can help you create a new perspective when you are thinking negatively [more…]

Laugh Your Way to Stress Reduction

If you take life (and yourself) too seriously, you can just about guarantee that your stress level will be higher than it has to be. Life is filled with hassle, inconvenience, and a myriad of other nuisances [more…]

Use Humor to Reduce Stress

Using humor has been proven to relieve stress. Still, very few of us would admit to not having a good sense of humor. Yet too often, we lose the ability to laugh [more…]

How Faith Helps You Cope with Stress

Having a belief in something greater than your immediate experience can be a powerful force in helping you create inner peace and cope with the stress in your life. We live in a universe that is both mystifying [more…]

Volunteer Your Time to Reduce Stress

Offering of yourself is one great way to relieve your own stress that may relate to your own problems. Often the biggest obstacle to volunteering is figuring out what to do and where to go. Most communities [more…]

Believe It or Not, Most of Your Stress Is Self-Created

Feeling stressed is, and always has been, a two-part process. First you need something “out there” to trigger your stress, and then you need to perceive that trigger as stressful. Then you feel stressed [more…]

Thoughts that Cause Stress

You might feel that your stress is a direct consequence of the stressful event or trigger. You may think that “the situation made me stressed.” And that would be entirely understandable. [more…]

Separate Stressful Thoughts from Feelings

In order to manage your stress, it’s important to recognize the difference between a thought and a feeling. Most people confuse their thinking with their feelings. For example, if someone were to ask you [more…]

Stress-Effective Eating

Your life is already stressed enough without having to worry about what goes into your mouth. However, what you eat — and how you eat it — can contribute significantly to your ability to cope with stress [more…]

10 Stress-Relieving Foods

Here’s a quick, specific list of ten foods that are not only good for you but also can help lower your stress level. Try snacking on these regularly and watch your stress levels go down: [more…]

The Stress-Eating Cycle

Are you an emotional eater? When you feed your stress, a destructive cycle begins. If so, you may eat whenever you’re anxious, upset, nervous, or depressed. Although emotional eaters can still put it away [more…]

Get in the Habit of Anti-Stress Snacking

Feeling anxious, nervous, stressed out? Need a quick food fix? Snacking, when done right, is an art. Anyone can down a candy bar or a bag of chips and a soda. The real skill is coming up with a snack that [more…]

Stress-Reducing Exercise and Activity

Did you know that exercise is one of the better ways of helping you cope with stress? You already know how beneficial exercise can be as a way of keeping your weight down, your body buff, and your heart [more…]

Time Management for Less Stress

Here are a few strategies to help you manage your time more efficiently and effectively, and reduce your time-related stress. The first step in this process is to become aware of your current use of time [more…]

Being Mindful of Your Time Relieves Stress

An important step in changing the way you manage your time, which in turn relieves every day stress, is becoming aware of how you use your time. Without awareness, your time management can become a victim [more…]

Make Better Time Management Choices

One great way of creating awareness about your time management is to have some questions ready to ask yourself. These can free you from the grip of auto-pilot and set a more productive course. Here are [more…]

Reduce Stress by Making Lists

Making lists in order to relieve some of your stress might seem so obvious and sooo last century, yet lists can be one of your better time-management tools. Try working with three lists: [more…]

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