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Planning For Long-Term Care For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Planning for long-term care can be overwhelming. However, with a bit of forethought and a little investigation, you can breakdown long-term care planning into more manageable segments. Learn how to compare [more…]

Long-Term Care: How Good Use of Color Improves a Home's Safety and Accessibility

Your goal, while caring for an aging loved one, is to make her home both safe for her and accessible to her. In several ways, the colors used in her home can dramatically improve both. Fortunately, adding [more…]

How to Handle Your Online Life when Planning Your Estate

Traditional estate planning focuses on assets you can see, touch, or if needed, quickly turn into cash. But increasingly important parts of our lives exist in a cloud or at least on a computer. How can [more…]

How to Manage Mutliple Medications

Does the cabinet where your parent (or you) keeps pills, ointments, and inhalers look like a mini-pharmacy? Many people in need of long-term care (older people and those with chronic conditions) take a [more…]

Assess Your Own Needs as a Family Long-Term Caregiver

If you are a family caregiver and manage or direct the care of an older adult who has a chronic illness or disability, you may be so overwhelmed with this responsibility that you lose sight of your own [more…]

What Long-Term Care Looks Like around the World

What are other countries doing to provide — and pay for — long-term care for their aging populations? Although the answer varies, one aspect is consistent with the American experience: they are worrying [more…]

The Language of Healthcare and Long-Term Care

One way to overcome what sometimes seems an overwhelming power imbalance between professionals and lay people is to learn the language professionals speak. This is especially true in healthcare and long-term [more…]

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