Diabetes Management

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Getting to Know Alcohol Options for Diabetics

Alcohol is a chemical that has calories but no particular nutritional value, although it has been shown that a moderate amount (a glass or two of wine a day) may reduce the risk of a heart attack. Notice [more…]

Foods to Avoid if You’re Hypoglycemic

Controlling low blood sugar, or hypoglycemia, is easier if you just say no to foods that can throw your blood glucose levels out of whack. The following list of foods and food groups are those to avoid [more…]

Tips for Living a Hypoglycemia-Friendly Lifestyle

Dealing with hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar, takes some attention, but doesn’t have to dominate your life once you get in the habit of living a hypoglycemia-friendly lifestyle. In reality, the tips in [more…]

How to Deal with Hypoglycemic Cravings

Hypoglycemia seems to be about all the things you can’t have. But as you progress in your recovery, your senses, which had been dulled by artificial seasonings and sweets, will wake up, and you’ll discover [more…]

Foods to Choose if You’re Hypoglycemic

You can help manage your hypoglycemia, often referred to as low blood sugar, by choosing foods that improve your condition. You can enjoy a variety of foods, and the foods in the following list are tasty [more…]

Recipe and Nutrition Web Sites for Canadians with Diabetes

A number of excellent Web sites provide healthy eating tips and recipes for Canadians with diabetes. Visit the reference links below to find nutritional information and recommendations from The Canadian [more…]

Appropriate Portion Sizes for Low- to Medium-Glycemic Dishes

Choosing recipes that are low to medium glycemic and lower in fat and calories is a great way to help you achieve your health and wellness goals. However, eating the appropriate portion sizes is also crucial [more…]

Adjusting Favorite Recipes to Follow the Glycemic Index Diet

One of the simplest steps in adopting a low-glycemic lifestyle is looking at the foods and recipes you already like to cook and eat. You may find that some are naturally low glycemic and don't need any [more…]

Lifestyle Changes to Avoid Diabetes

You can do a number of different things to help you stay healthy and avoid the onset of diabetes. The key things you can do are: [more…]

Ten Commandments for Great Diabetes Control

Here is a list of ten commandments for keeping your diabetes under control. Follow these commandments and your problems should be few and far between. [more…]

Lifestyle Changes That Improve Diabetes Management

You can make a number of changes to your physical and mental health to stay healthy and avoid the long-term complications of diabetes. Here’s a list of the changes you should aim for to help you manage [more…]

Checklist for Diabetes Self-Management

Managing diabetes requires good self-discipline and regular visits to your doctor or diabetes care team. Following is a checklist for your diabetes care — what you or your doctor should be checking on [more…]

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