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Pregnancy For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Once you find out you’re pregnant, follow a recommended schedule of prenatal visits and review the tests you can expect for each doctor’s visit. Learning a few medical abbreviations used by your doctors [more…]

Make Skin-to-Skin Contact with Your Newborn

Skin-to-skin contact is becoming a popular and important part of the immediate post-delivery experience. Skin-to-skin contact refers to the idea that the newborn baby and mom are immediately together, [more…]

5 Reasons behind the Timing for Ultrasounds

Everyone, young and old, seems to find joy in seeing the waving hand of a fetus inside the uterus. There’s something magical about being able to see inside the private quarters of a developing human being [more…]

Weigh the Genetic Tests during Pregnancy

Without a doubt, the field of human genetics is thefastest growing field of medicine today. The Human Genome Project was sponsored by the U.S. government to sequence all 3 billion basic DNA segments [more…]

Placenta Previa and When It's a Cause for Concern

There are a few different causes for bleeding late in the pregnancy. You might be going into labor. In that case, you may experience crampy abdominal pain [more…]

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