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Pregnancy and PCOS

PCOS can interfere with getting pregnant in a number of ways. You may need to see a fertility specialist to get pregnant if you have no menstrual periods at all, very irregular menstrual periods, or periods [more…]

The Most Important Nutrients during Pregnancy

Some nutrients are more important than others during pregnancy, because they play a vital role in your baby’s development. The following table lists the most essential nutrients for pregnancy, in order [more…]

Foods and Beverages to Watch Out for during Pregnancy

You may have been told that pregnancy is a time to eat whatever you want, but that’s not entirely true. Not all foods and beverages are safe to consume while pregnant. Some can cause serious infections [more…]

Best Foods to Eat during Pregnancy

Eleven foods win the prize for providing the most pregnancy nutrition. These foods are nutrient-dense, meaning they contain good amounts of several of the most important nutrients you and your growing [more…]

Your Go-To Pregnancy Snack List

One of the tricks to good pregnancy nutrition is keeping healthy snacks around. If you do, you’ll be less likely to raid the vending machine at work or tear open that bag of potato chips in the pantry. [more…]

Important Milestones in Your Baby’s Development through Pregnancy

As your baby’s develops through your pregnancy, certain milestones are hit along the way. Here’s a summary of your baby’s development from conception to birth: [more…]

Eating Well and Keeping Fit and Healthy While Pregnant

During your pregnancy, ensuring you eat well and keep active is vital. Keep in mind that no single food can satisfy all of your nutritional needs and that nutritionists recommend a well-balanced diet. [more…]

Typical Schedule for Prenatal Visits and Tests in Australia and New Zealand

To ensure the health of you and your baby, you need to schedule regular visits to your midwife or doctor during your pregnancy. Use this guideline for making your appointments and understanding tests that [more…]

Medical Abbreviations Commonly Used during Pregnancy in Australia and New Zealand

To help you understand terms used throughout your pregnancy while at doctor’s visits, touring the hospital, and during labor and delivery, learn these medical abbreviations used in Australia and New Zealand [more…]

Common Terms Used by Online Fertility Support Groups

If you’re having trouble conceiving you may be setting out on a journey of assisted conception. Online fertility forums can help you feel that you’re not alone, especially if you find it hard to talk to [more…]

Glossary of Fertility Acronyms and Terms

The medical terminology and jargon-heavy terms concerning fertility treatment can be confusing. Here’s a helpful glossary of terms to help you navigate through the jargon, but don’t be afraid to ask your [more…]

Fertility and Infertility For Dummies Cheat Sheet (UK Edition)

One in seven couples in the UK have problems conceiving and the numerous options facing someone with fertility problems can be confusing. This Cheat Sheet offers a jargon-free explanation of terms used [more…]

Planning Prenatal Visits

Your positive pregnancy test marks a new beginning. The time has come to start thinking about what lies ahead. After you decide who your practitioner will be, give the office a call to find out how to [more…]

Traveling during Your Pregnancy

The main potential problem with traveling during pregnancy is that it puts distance between you and your prenatal care provider. If you’re close to your due date or if your pregnancy is considered high-risk [more…]

Understanding Your Baby’s Weight Gain during Your Pregnancy

Although your weight gain may follow a path all its own, your baby’s own bulking-up pattern is likely to progress slowly at first, and then pick up at about 32 weeks, only to slow again in the last weeks [more…]

Supplementing Your Diet during Your Pregnancy

If your diet is healthy and balanced, you get most of the vitamins and minerals you need naturally — with the exception of iron, folic acid, and calcium. To make sure you get enough of these nutrients [more…]

Use the USDA Choose My Plate Guidelines during Your Pregnancy

No single food can satisfy all your nutritional needs. The USDA Choose My Plate is a general guideline that illustrates the relative proportions of servings you should eat in each group. To get some specific [more…]

Potentially Harmful Foods during Your Pregnancy

If you’re healthy, when you're pregnant you can probably confidently eat most of the foods you usually eat. Nonetheless, the following list contains some potential dangers that deserve a mention: [more…]

Debunking Popular Food Myths Associated with Pregnancy

Many of the foods that have at one time or another been thought dangerous for pregnant women aren’t likely to harm you or your baby. Although you don’t have to avoid the following foods, they should be [more…]

Special Dietary Needs and Pregnancy

Try as you may to follow all the rules of healthy nutrition, you may encounter certain problems with digestion, such as constipation or heartburn. Or you may find that you need to tailor the rules to fit [more…]

Working Out while You're Pregnant

The great fitness movement hasn't left pregnant women behind. You see them jogging in parks, working out in gyms, or stretching their limbs in yoga classes. During pregnancy, exercise helps your body in [more…]

Forms of Exercise during Your Pregnancy

Now isn’t the time to shoot for that Ms. Fitness title, but that certainly doesn’t mean you can’t exercise. Because your pregnant body demands you take new precautions, choose your style of exercise carefully [more…]

The Consultation during Your First Prenatal Appointment

During your first prenatal visit, your practitioner discusses with you your medical and obstetrical history. She asks about various aspects of your physical health, as well as elements of your lifestyle [more…]

The Physical Exam during Your First Prenatal Appointment

At your first prenatal visit, your practitioner examines your head, neck, breasts, heart, lungs, abdomen, and extremities. She also performs an internal exam. During this exam, your practitioner evaluates [more…]

Standard Tests during Your First Prenatal Appointment

Brace yourself: You’re probably going to be stuck with a needle and have to pee in a cup during your first prenatal visit. Here’s a look at the standard procedures, including blood and urine tests. [more…]


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