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How to Support Your Partner Who Breast Feeds

If your partner decides to breast-feed, you may be breathing a sigh of relief that the nighttime duties won't fall to you, but not so fast! Breast-fed babies usually eat more frequently than bottle-fed [more…]

Basics of Bottle-Feeding for Dads

Bottle-feeding has never been more complicated, dads! Not only do you have to choose a formula and a nipple type, but you also have to worry about the materials from which the bottle is made. [more…]

After Pregnancy: Basics of Baby Bath Time for Dads

Few things strike fear into the hearts of inexperienced dads like the first bath. Take a squirmy baby, soap him all over to make him incredibly difficult to hold on to, and then put him in a tub of water [more…]

After Pregnancy: The Pros and Cons of Co-sleeping for Dads

Co-sleeping, or sleeping with the baby in your bed, goes in and out of vogue. Right now co-sleeping is popular with many Dads, although it comes with a twist in some cases: The baby may sleep in a little [more…]

Basics of Baby Indigestion for Dads

When preparing to become a dad, it's important to realize that all babies fuss from time to time, and many have a short fussy period every single day, usually around the time when you're the busiest and [more…]

Explanation of Immunizations Schedules for Dads

Immunizations are a very hot topic today for Dad's and one that many parents have vehement opinions about. Although studies haven't supported fears that immunizations are responsible for the increase in [more…]

After Pregnancy: Basics of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome for Dads

Sudden infant death syndrome, or SIDS, is one possibility of the scary things new dads face. SIDS has decreased since pediatricians began recommending that babies sleep on their backs with the [more…]

After Pregnancy: How Dads Can Help with Postpartum Depression

Postpartum depression occurs in between 9 and 16 percent of women. Dad's are on the look out for this condition. Some of the symptoms of baby blues and postpartum depression overlap, but postpartum depression [more…]

Basics of Common Childhood Diseases for Dads

Babies have immunity to many illnesses for their first six months because of antibodies passed on during pregnancy. Here's a Dad's guide to the illnesses you're most likely to encounter in baby's first [more…]

A Dad's Guide to Common Infectious Diseases for Newborns

Infectious diseases sound scary to new dads. Many infectious diseases of old (30 years ago!) have been eradicated, or nearly so, because of vaccines. However, vaccines haven't been developed for everything [more…]

Basics of Baby Vomit for New Dads

Small children and babies vomit more easily than you and your partner when they're ill. Vomiting once at the beginning of an illness is common and requires no special treatment, but repeated vomiting requires [more…]

How a Dad Can Take Care of Baby after a Fall

Dads have to know what to do after a baby falls. Even a newborn can scoot well enough to fall off the changing table or bed, which is why you're not supposed to leave a baby unattended, without your hand [more…]

How a Dad Can Keep a Baby Safe in the Car

Car accidents are a fact of life. As a new dad, having a baby in the car with you or your partner can make that fact of life scarier. You can't always prevent other drivers from driving badly or from running [more…]

How Dads Administer Baby Medicine

A dad getting a baby to take medicine isn't as easy as it seems. Even small babies seem to have an uncanny sense that you've spiked their evening bottle with medicine, and if your partner is breast-feeding [more…]

Basics of Baby Fever Recognition for Dads

So when is a fever a fever? Knowing can be hard, especially when dads juggle half a dozen methods of temperature-taking in an attempt to get an accurate reading. The following guidelines explain what your [more…]

Basics of Baby Teething Symptoms and Remedies for Dads

Dads peer into their infants' mouths looking for teeth like gold miners sifting through the silt for nuggets of gold. When it comes to teeth, the best thing you can do is relax. All children, with very [more…]

Pregnancy: Basics of Baby Food Allergies for Dads

Food allergies affect around 1 in 18 babies before age 3, and may affect your baby. As with many facets of being a father, the ideas for solid food introduction and allergies has completely changed since [more…]

Pregnancy: Basics of Paternity Leave

Not very long ago you wouldn't need a guide to paternity leave. New dads were expected back on the job the day after welcoming a baby into the world. Sometimes, they worked right through the whole experience [more…]

How Dads Readjust When — or if — Mom Goes Back to Work

Not every mother (or father, for that matter!) decides to go back to work. Others have to do so for financial reasons even when their hearts and tear ducts tell them otherwise. And some mothers and fathers [more…]

How a Dad Adjusts to Mom as a Stay-At-Home Mom

Making the decision to be a stay-at-home mom or Dad can be the fulfillment of a lifelong dream for some parents and a total surprise to others. If you and your partner make the decision that she'll stay [more…]

How a Dad Can Help Mom Adjust to Stay-at-Home-Mom Status

The adjustment to being a stay-at-home mom can be just as challenging for your partner as heading back to work, only in different ways. As wonderful as it is to have the opportunity to raise your own child [more…]

How to Work Toward Stay-At-Home-Dad Status during Pregnancy

By no means is the stay-at-home dad a norm in our society. As of 2012 there were roughly 189,000 stay-at-home dads in the United States, a number that has grown slowly in the past decade. If you decide [more…]

During Pregnancy: How to Account for Must-Have Baby Supply Costs as a Dad

Babies don't need a lot of stuff. A new dad may feel like he needs someone to tell him what they do need, which tends to be a bit on the expensive side. If your partner isn't breast-feeding, you'll have [more…]

During Pregnancy: How to Compare Childcare Options and Costs for Dads

Child care is expensive and can be difficult for Dads to navigate the decision making process. Paying someone else to care for your child 40 to 50 hours each week will become your new number-one expense [more…]

How a Dad Can Use Pregnancy Time to Financially Prepare for College

Every parent wants his child to get the best college education money can buy. There are options to consider for all Dads. Not all parents, however, can afford that education, nor do they want their children [more…]

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