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Weigh the Genetic Tests during Pregnancy

Without a doubt, the field of human genetics is thefastest growing field of medicine today. The Human Genome Project was sponsored by the U.S. government to sequence all 3 billion basic DNA segments [more…]

Placenta Previa and When It's a Cause for Concern

There are a few different causes for bleeding late in the pregnancy. You might be going into labor. In that case, you may experience crampy abdominal pain [more…]

A Dad's Guide to Scheduled Sex to Get Pregnant

When you and your partner are trying to get pregnant there are some do's and don'ts for scheduling sex. Just because you've written sex down on your calendar doesn't mean it's just another obligation that [more…]

Your Baby's Development in the First Trimester Explained for Dads

When the embryo first implants in the uterus, about a week before a menstrual period is missed, it's too small to be seen without a microscope. Within a week, though, you can see the first signs of pregnancy [more…]

How Dads Deal with Possible Complications in the First Trimester: Miscarriages

Although the majority of pregnancies really do go like clockwork, things can and do go wrong, which is a fear for new Dads. In early pregnancy, the biggest threat is miscarriage. One in four women has [more…]

How Dads Can Help Reduce Early Developmental Risks during Pregnancy

Remember dads, the first three months of pregnancy are the time of organ development, so it's also the time when your partner needs to be most careful about what she eats, drinks, and ingests. Let her [more…]

Strange New Habits during Pregnancy Explained for Dads

As a new dad, you may at times look at your partner and wonder who this woman actually is. The sweet-tempered woman you once knew may have been replaced by someone whose head appears to be rotating at [more…]

Basics of Fetal Monitors for Dads

Fetal monitoring devices record the fetal heart rate and the frequency and duration of the contractions. Sounds cool, right? Here's a Dad's guide. Just don't let yourself become so enamored with the technology [more…]

The Art of the Baby Registry for Dads

If the suggestion of free stuff has you lacing your sneakers to run out to the nearest baby goods store, take a breath. Dads, registering isn't as easy as it sounds. Babies need a lot of gear, but they [more…]

How Dads Can Help Manage Pregnancy-Related Medical Issues

Problems that affect your partner's health sometimes develop with frightening speed, and you'll want a Dad's guide. Other times problems develop insidiously and build to a crisis point. Neither type of [more…]

How a Dad Can Help a Pregnant Partner with Mandatory Bed Rest

If your partner has a risk of early delivery or other problems, your medical practitioner may put her on bed rest. Depending on the condition's severity, bed rest can mean anything from not going to work [more…]

How Dads Can Keep Cool in Pregnancy-Related Monetary Emergencies

Remember guys, not all pregnancy emergencies involve medical crises: Some are all about cold, hard cash — or the lack of it. You may have taken a quick glance at your health insurance policy before you [more…]

A Dad's Guide to Third Trimester Baby Development

At the start of the third trimester, your baby is fully formed, although you wouldn't think so if you got a look inside the womb. The eyes are still fused, the skin is gelatinous, and the body fat is nonexistent [more…]

How a Dad Can Create a Smooth Birth Admissions Process

As you consider what a Dad can do to create a smooth admission process, think back to the last time you arrived at a crowded shopping mall with a parking lot packed to the gills with cars and you ended [more…]

How Dads Can Deal with Overbearing Family Members during Pregnancy

From the time you and your partner share the news of your coming baby, you'll be inundated with advice and visitors. Nobody will want to be more hands-on than your family, and it may grow tiresome and [more…]

Basics of Home Deliveries with a Midwife for Dads

The idea of having your baby at home may appeal to you and your partner. Home delivery may be an option for you if you meet all the following strongly suggested guidelines: [more…]

Basics of Hospital Births for Dads

Hospitals today love to stress to you and your partner how much like home they are while still having all the most up-to-date equipment at their fingertips. And though hospitals have come a long way in [more…]

How Dads Can Help Screen Potential Birth Practitioners

Whichever birth practitioner you and your partner choose, the best way to know whether you're in the right place is to ask and what to ask. Accompany your partner to her visit when discussing options because [more…]

A Dad's Guide to a Doula

Something to have in your new dad's arsenal is a doula. Although the word doula may have you picturing some sort of metal-studded medieval torture device, a doula actually can be a soon-to-be dad's secret [more…]

How Dad Can Help Share a Birth Plan

Unfortunately for you dads, labor usually doesn't begin on that imprecise due date you've been hanging your hat on for the last nine months. Babies can come early, and with so much to get ready for, you [more…]

How to Plant a Phone Tree for Your Baby's Birth

Spreading the news far and wide can be both exhausting and time-consuming. Luckily dads can use a phone tree to spread the news. After a delivery, you and your partner likely won't be up for talking to [more…]

How to Support Your Partner during Labor

Women in labor need lots of support. Your partner needs to hear that she's doing well, that things are progressing as they should, and that she really can do this. Even if her mother, sister, doula, and [more…]

A Dad's Guide to Epidurals

Here is an explanation of epidural anesthesia for dads. It consists of medications given through a catheter placed in the spinal canal. The pro of epidurals is obvious: They decrease pain. They do have [more…]

Basics of Cesarean Births for Dads

Cesareans comprise over 30 percent of deliveries in the United States, so the odds of having one are high. As a new dad, you may want some information about this procedure. Although Cesareans are major [more…]

How to Rate Your Newborn's Reflexes

Newborns are active from the minute they're born. As a new dad, you may want to rate these reflexes. Your baby will yawn, grimace, and even seem to smile a little. [more…]


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