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Pregnancy For Dummies Cheat Sheet (Australia/New Zealand Edition)

Once you find out you’re pregnant, you can take note of the schedule of prenatal visits your midwife or doctor is likely to recommend in Australia and New Zealand, and review the tests you may be offered [more…]

Drug Choices in Labor

Medication options can make up a big part of your birth plan. Maybe you plan to go natural and don’t want hospital staff to even mention pain medication. Or maybe you want your epidural put in during the [more…]

Labor Positions and Movements for Your Birth Plan

Staying active and in upright positions during childbirth can help labor progress. Including the option to keep moving during labor is a great addition to your birth plan, and having a list of common labor [more…]

Essential Topics to Cover in Your Birth Plan

Keeping in mind all the topics you want to cover in your birth plan can be overwhelming. Having a reference list of the most common issues of labor and delivery can help. Use this list of birth-plan topics [more…]

Birth Plans For Dummies Cheat Sheet

A birth plan is a document you create to communicate your wishes and requests to your medical practitioner, the birth team, and your support team. How do you put your hopes and dreams for a perfect birth [more…]

Knowing What the APGAR Score Evaluates

An APGAR score measures how well a newborn is doing at 1 and 5 minutes after birth. The five factors you evaluate just happen to line up with the last name of the doctor, Dr. Virginia Apgar, who created [more…]

11 Positive Thoughts to Help Healing from Postpartum Depression

Repeating truths to yourself is quite powerful and can advance your postpartum depression (PPD) recovery in a huge way (and likewise, repeating falsehoods can greatly slow it down). Here are 11 positive [more…]

How to Reverse Negative Thoughts during Postpartum Depression

Postpartum depression constantly fills your head with negative thoughts that bring you down. One of the tricks to recovering as quickly as possible is to catch the negatives [more…]

Postpartum Depression: 9 Ways to Get through the Day

Pull yourself out of the deep pit of postpartum depression (PPD) and get back to normal with these essential tips, including some ideas to help you take care of yourself. Sometimes new moms think that [more…]

Postpartum Depression For Dummies Cheat Sheet

When suffering from postpartum depression, the only thing you want to do is feel better — and you want it to be quick. Recovery does take time, but you can still be proactive about making your way through [more…]

Common Terms Used by Online Fertility Support Groups

If you’re having trouble conceiving you may be setting out on a journey of assisted conception. Online fertility forums can help you feel that you’re not alone, especially if you find it hard to talk to [more…]

Glossary of Fertility Acronyms and Terms

The medical terminology and jargon-heavy terms concerning fertility treatment can be confusing. Here’s a helpful glossary of terms to help you navigate through the jargon, but don’t be afraid to ask your [more…]

Fertility and Infertility For Dummies Cheat Sheet (UK Edition)

One in seven couples in the UK have problems conceiving and the numerous options facing someone with fertility problems can be confusing. This Cheat Sheet offers a jargon-free explanation of terms used [more…]

How to Pick the Perfect Name for Your Child

When you find out your partner has been choosing baby names since she was about 12, you may get the idea that picking a name for your baby is a Really Big Deal. And you’re right. A name is one of the first [more…]

Your Guide to Delivery Room Jargon

Nobody likes to feel like he doesn’t understand what’s going on, but when you enter a strange new environment — like the labor and delivery floor — it’s normal to feel completely out of your element. When [more…]

What Can You Feed Your Baby?

If you’re feeding your baby out of expensive pouches — or grinding up food for her in the food processor — you may be wondering when you can start feeding her the same food everyone else is eating. Actually [more…]

10 Top Tips for the Stay-at-Home Dad

More and more dads are making the decision to leave the workplace behind to stay at home and take care of their children. Whether you’re leaving the workforce altogether or balancing work with childcare [more…]

Your New Baby: Phone Numbers and Addresses to Have on Hand

Be prepared for your baby’s arrival (or in case you have questions or concerns during your pregnancy) by printing this list and filling out the information. Keep this list in your purse or on the fridge [more…]

What to Take to the Hospital when You Have Your Baby

During your pregnancy, pack portable items you’ll need for your labor and delivery and hospital stay in a bag and keep it in a handy place or in your car. For your trip to the hospital you’ll need: [more…]

A Typical Schedule for Prenatal Visits and Tests

To ensure the health of you and your baby, you’ll need to schedule regular visits to your doctor during your pregnancy. Use this guideline for making your appointments and understanding common procedures [more…]

Commonly Used Medical Abbreviations that Relate to Pregnancy

So you know what’s going on throughout your pregnancy while at doctor’s visits, touring the hospital, and during labor and delivery, learn these medical abbreviations and what they mean. [more…]

Your Baby’s Growth

At the eighth week of pregnancy (date of last menstrual period) the embryo is now referred to as a fetus. All organs are formed and the remaining 32 weeks of pregnancy is a time for the fetus to grow and [more…]

Pregnancy For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Once you find out you’re pregnant, follow a recommended schedule of prenatal visits and review the tests you can expect for each doctor’s visit. Learning a few medical abbreviations used by your doctors [more…]

Make Skin-to-Skin Contact with Your Newborn

Skin-to-skin contact is becoming a popular and important part of the immediate post-delivery experience. Skin-to-skin contact refers to the idea that the newborn baby and mom are immediately together, [more…]

5 Reasons behind the Timing for Ultrasounds

Everyone, young and old, seems to find joy in seeing the waving hand of a fetus inside the uterus. There’s something magical about being able to see inside the private quarters of a developing human being [more…]


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