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Reviewing Mom's Health Benefits of Breastfeeding

Although many breastfeeding advocates focus on the positive effects for the baby, moms also reap physical benefits from breastfeeding. For starters, breastfeeding is the best way to get your body back [more…]

Maximize Fertility: Monitoring Ovulation

Assuming that you know the basics of how to get pregnant, many people don't know how to make the process efficient. You'll want to give yourself the best chance of getting pregnant. To do that, you need [more…]

Modifying Your Exercise Routine for a Healthy Pregnancy

During pregnancy, you need to modify your exercise routine whenever something isn't quite right. Modifying means fine-tuning your exercise program to keep it safe and effective. Your baby's health is your [more…]

Figuring How Medications during Labor Affect Breastfeeding

Sometimes the medications you have during labor affect your first nursing attempt. Some medications make the baby sleepy; some make you sleepy. Here are how some of the common medications given in labor [more…]

Taking Baby in the Bath with You

Bathing with your baby is a convenient way for you to mix play, skin-on-skin contact, warmth, and massage all at once. In this article, we show you how to do so in ways that are safe and enjoyable for [more…]

Considering Herbs for Pregnancy

Whether you're planning a pregnancy or are already pregnant, herbal remedies are a time-honored and safe way to go. Several herbs are recommended widely by midwives and are considered safe to use during [more…]

Keeping Food Down during the First Trimester

Some women are unable to gain the amount of weight they need because they vomit or feel nauseated whenever they eat. And if you're not gaining weight as you're supposed to, your healthcare provider may [more…]

Having a Cesarean Delivery

Many patients wonder whether they'll need a cesarean. Sometimes your doctor knows the answer before labor even begins — if you have placenta previa, for example, or if the baby is in a [more…]

Nutritional Needs of Pregnant and Nursing Women

Eating for two means that you’re the sole source of nutrients for your growing fetus. If you don’t get the vitamins you need in your diet, neither will your baby. The Recommended Daily Allowances [more…]

Exceeding the RDAs: Do You Need Extra Minerals?

If your diet provides enough mineral nutrients to meet the Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDAs), you’re in pretty good shape. A restrictive diet, the circumstances of your reproductive life, and just [more…]

Recognizing and Responding to Colic

Approximately 25 percent of babies experience colic— a condition that causes babies to cry inconsolably for at least three hours a day at least three days a week. Keep in mind that this is the [more…]

Debunking Breastfeeding Myths

Our friends and family have good intentions — really. But if they actually listened to some of their own suggestions, even they might question them. When it comes to breastfeeding, the people who have [more…]

Taking Extra Vitamins When You Need Dietary Supplements

The Recommended Daily Allowances (RDAs) protect people with a healthy diet from deficiencies, but sometimes your lifestyle or circumstances mean you need extra vitamins and nutrients in your diet. See [more…]

Taking a Pregnant Pause at the Pool

If you're thinking of trying water workouts, but you aren't sure where the nearest pool is, consider the following locations that may have a pool that you can use: [more…]

How a Woman's Blood Pressure Responds to Pregnancy

Blood pressure isn't the same during a pregnancy as before the pregnancy. The pregnant woman's body goes through many changes to provide the best possible environment for the growing fetus. The mother-to-be [more…]

New Father Complaint: Breastfeeding Baby Gets All the Attention

Most new parents make a joint decision to breastfeed their babies. But even the most supportive dads sometimes feel jealous when the breastfeeding baby gets so much of mom's attention. [more…]

Picking a Practitioner for Care while Pregnant

Midwives, obstetricians, maternal-fetal specialists — many kinds of professionals can help you through pregnancy and delivery. Be sure to choose a practitioner with whom you feel most comfortable. Here [more…]

Benefits of Working Out while Pregnant

Staying fit during your pregnancy makes the entire 40 weeks easier to manage, brings you and your baby tremendous benefits, makes labor and delivery easier than for non-exercisers, and helps you go back [more…]

Fitness Walking while Pregnant

Not only is moderate exercise safe for the baby, it has also been shown to have tremendous benefits for mom. Some pregnant women walk for exercise until the day of delivery. Runners may want to switch [more…]

Swimming while Pregnant

Some pregnant women find walking uncomfortable, particularly in the third trimester, so they switch to lower-impact activities such as swimming. In fact, some pregnant women say that the only time they [more…]

Prenatal Low-Impact Aerobics

Many health clubs and hospitals offer exercise classes specially designed for pregnant women and brand-new moms, including low-impact aerobics. Some classes stick to aerobic workouts; others include strength [more…]

Lifting Weights while Pregnant

If you’ve never lifted weights before, pregnancy isn’t the time to start an unsupervised strength program. But if you know what you’re doing in the weight room or you’re experienced using dumbbells at [more…]

What Pregnant Women and New Mothers Should Know about H1N1

Pregnant women and infants have a higher risk of complications from the H1N1 flu virus, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). So new mothers and mothers-to-be are naturally [more…]

Diagnosing an Infertility Problem: Is IVF for You?

If you’ve been trying for a baby for a year or more without luck, it’s time to tackle the problem and find out what you can do about it. Here are some facts about infertility and IVF to get you started [more…]

Improving Your Chances of IVF Success

Research indicates that by getting into shape before you start IVF you can improve your odds of the treatment being successful. To boost your chances of overcoming infertility and falling pregnant, follow [more…]

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