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Basic Cancer-Related Vocabulary

If you find that your oncologist or anyone else on your treatment team is using words that you don’t understand, ask for clarification and be sure to write it down. When you get home, you can look up that [more…]

Get to Know Your Cancer Care Team

Many people can make up the cancer care team. If you’re treated at a small practice in a community setting, there may be fewer players, and you may be sent to other outside practices for services that [more…]

Cancer Treatment Classifications

The treatments you receive for your cancer will fall under a particular classification based on the intent of the intervention. To help you better understand the purpose of your treatments, here are the [more…]

Cancer Treatment Options

Numerous types of treatment are used to target cancer, whether in an attempt to cure it, keep it from metastasizing(spreading), or alleviate the distressing symptoms that it causes. You may not receive [more…]

Side Effects of Cancer Treatments

When linking the term side effects with cancer,horrific visions pop into most people’s heads. If you haven’t started the treatment leg of your journey yet, you may be imagining yourself bald, frail, and [more…]

Anemia as a Side Effect of Cancer Treatments

Anemia is a common complication of advanced progressive cancer, and, in this circumstance, a specific correctable cause of the anemia may not be identified. To manage the anemia in these cases, recurrent [more…]

Constipation as a Side Effect of Cancer Treatments

Constipation is usually defined as having difficult or less frequent bowel movements than what’s normal for you. Cancer treatment, including pain and some anti-nausea medications, can lead to constipation [more…]

Common Oral Side Effects of Cancer Treatments

Here are some of the most commonly experienced oral effects of cancer treatment and what can be done to manage them or make you more comfortable if any of them happens to you. [more…]

Common Weight-Related Side Effects of Cancer Treatments

Several common side effects of cancer treatment are related to your ability to maintain a healthy weight. You might experience anorexia, weight gain, or weight loss. [more…]

Common Physical Side Effects of Cancer Treatments

When people think of cancer, the side effects that cause physical changes to the body typically provoke the most fear. But not everyone experiences these effects, and even if you experience one or more [more…]

How to Cope with Typical Emotional Side Effects of Cancer Treatments

In addition to its numerous physical effects, cancer and its treatments can invoke many emotions. Being upset by your diagnosis and afraid of what’s going to happen to you and your future is normal, but [more…]

Your Nutrition Goals While Battling Cancer

When you’re going through cancer treatment, eating the healthiest foods may not always be possible. You may be dealing with gastrointestinal issues, experiencing uncomfortable mouth sores, or feeling so [more…]

The Importance of Nutrition to Help Fight Cancer

When cancer is present, both it and its many treatments can have a considerable impact on your ability to take in nutrients and on your body’s ability to metabolize them, which can lead to malnutrition [more…]

Does Sugar Fuel Cancer?

You may have heard that “sugar feeds cancer.” This is a very oversimplified and potentially dangerous explanation for very complex changes that can happen to carbohydrate metabolism in people with cancer [more…]

How to Follow the New American Plate and MyPlate

The New American Plate by the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) is a good example of how to design your meals to help you achieve and maintain a healthy body weight and transition to a more [more…]

Nausea and Vomiting — Common Physical Side Effects of Cancer Treatments

Nausea and vomiting can result from a variety of cancer treatments, including chemotherapy and radiation therapy to the abdomen, stomach, spine, or brain. You may even become nauseated from anxiety before [more…]

How to Cope with a Sore Mouth or Throat from Cancer Treatments

Chemotherapy and radiation kill rapidly dividing cells like cancer cells, but they also affect the rapidly dividing cells lining your digestive tract, including those lining your mouth and throat. For [more…]

What to Do When Cancer Treatments Upset Your Stomach

Nausea and vomiting aren’t the only stomach issues caused by cancer treatments. You may also develop indigestion, heartburn, and even gas. If you’re experiencing such effects, in addition to taking any [more…]

Fatigue — Common Physical Side Effect of Cancer Treatments

Fatigue (a feeling of tiredness) is a common complication of many cancer treatments. It’s also one of the most difficult side effects to effectively manage. This is likely because fatigue has multiple [more…]

Diarrhea as a Side Effect of Cancer Treatments

Diarrhea is typically defined as having three or more bowel movements per day than what is normal for you. Because cancer treatment affects all rapidly dividing cells, it can also cause changes to the [more…]

What Is Clean Eating?

In a nutshell, “eating clean” is simply another way to say “eating healthy.” When you’re given a cancer diagnosis, figuring out what you can do to help beat it and go on to live a healthy life is first [more…]

How to Apply Clean Eating Principles during Your Cancer Recovery

Clean eating promotes healthy eating using common-sense principles that can be easily put into practice. A clean eating plan may help you maintain a good nutritional status during cancer treatment and [more…]

Enhance Clean Eating with Immune-Boosting Foods

When you eat clean, you’re already naturally boosting your immune system, because you’re giving your body the vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, and other nutrients it needs to keep your cells healthy [more…]

Clean Eating Staples for Your Pantry

The pantry is where you may keep some cancer alleviators, like crackers, hard pretzels, and popcorn. When arranging your pantry and introducing items, you’ll want to keep the items you use most toward [more…]

Clean Eating Staples for Your Fridge

When stocking your fridge, you need to think about where you are with your cancer treatment and what you can handle. Are you struggling to eat, experiencing decreased appetite, or losing weight? If so, [more…]


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