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How to Cope with Chemotherapy-Related Skin, Hair, and Reproductive Tract Changes

Chemotherapy can be a life-saving cancer destroyer. Unfortunately, the drugs don’t take aim solely at cancer. They can also kill hair, skin, and reproductive tract cells. This collateral damage leaves [more…]

Coping with Common Radiation Therapy Side Effects

Because radiation therapy involves focusing strong beams of radioactive energy directly on the cancerous tumor and not throughout the body, most side effects occur in the immediate area where the radiation [more…]

Radiation Therapy’s Side Effects on Sexuality and Fertility

Because radiation therapy involves focusing strong beams of radioactive energy directly on the cancerous tumor and not throughout the body, most side effects occur in the immediate area where the radiation [more…]

Radiation Therapy’s Effects on the Head, Neck, Chest, and Abdomen

If you’re receiving radiation to fight cancer in your neck, you may develop trouble swallowing. If you’re radiation is targeting an abdominal tumor, you may have to fight bouts of diarrhea. [more…]

How to Spot Skin Cancer

We all go outside, which means we’re all at risk for developing skin cancer. Fortunately, skin cancer is usually successfully treated when it’s found in its early stages. Along with making sure a skin [more…]

Facing Hair Loss from Cancer Treatments

Many forms of chemotherapy cause temporary hair loss, and radiation causes permanent hair loss for the body part treated. Losing your hair is an emotional experience, so you need to spend some time getting [more…]

Building a Cancer Treatment Support Team

When you’ve been diagnosed with cancer and you’re going through treatment, you need not only help from your family and friends but from an entire support team of people, with your doctors at the forefront [more…]

Treating Yourself Well during Chemo and Radiation

While you’re going through chemotherapy and radiation, take some time to pamper yourself. Even if you experience just a few cancer treatment side effects, you may not have your usual level of energy. So [more…]

Managing Chemotherapy and Radiation Side Effects

Don’t panic and assume that since you’re undergoing chemo or radiation that you will experience every possible side effect. Cancer patients experience treatments differently, but most experience nausea [more…]

Chemotherapy and Radiation For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Facing cancer treatment is unnerving so during your chemotherapy or radiation build a team of people that can support and help you and take care of yourself to ease the stress. Use some practical methods [more…]

Fighting Cancer with Bone Marrow Transplants

More than 15,000 bone marrow transplants are performed in the United States every year, and the treatment is ever-evolving. Bone marrow transplants are commonly used to treat leukemia, lymphoma, multiple [more…]

What to Eat When You Have Cancer

After you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, you may be wondering what foods you should eat. You may have to modify your diet during treatment, but there are some key nutrients you should always strive to [more…]

Combating Cancer Treatment Side Effects with Food

Like most people facing cancer, you may worry about having side effects from treatment. Fortunately, treatments for many cancers have become more targeted, lessening the risk and severity of side effects [more…]

Staying Active during Cancer Treatment

Staying active provides many benefits during cancer treatment. It can help you maintain a healthy body weight, as well as reduce your risk of a cancer recurrence, a secondary cancer, or other medical problems [more…]

Cancer Nutrition & Recipes For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Nutrition plays a key role when you’re fighting cancer — and knowing what to eat is important. When you’re being treated for cancer, you may face a variety of unwelcome side effects — everything from nausea [more…]

Lowering Cancer Risk with Whole Grains in Your Diet

Studies have shown that eating whole grains instead of refined grains lowers the risk of many chronic diseases, including cancer. So, it’s no surprise that the [more…]

Adding Smoothies to Your Cancer-Fighting Diet

Smoothies can be a great weapon in your cancer-fighting arsenal, whether you’re fighting fatigue, you have a sore mouth or throat, you’re struggling with an upset stomach, or you’re experiencing cancer-related [more…]

Exergaming for Exercise and Good Health

Video games are often blamed for sedentary behaviors, which increase cancer risk. And although many video games do promote couch surfing, recent years have seen advances in video-game technology that have [more…]

10 Reliable Sources for Cancer Information

When you receive a cancer diagnosis, you may feel like you’re all alone in the world. But many people have, are, and will walk the course. Unfortunately, the cancer road is one that is well traveled. The [more…]

Quit Smoking to Enhance Your Mediterranean-Diet Lifestyle

If you're on the Mediterranean diet, good for you! But if you're also a smoker, then you might be counteracting benefits you gain from that diet. Only one good thing can be said about cigarette smoking [more…]

10 Ways to Revive Your Appetite after Cancer Treatments

Cancer and its treatments can contribute to loss of appetite. Because the calories you get from food are energy, if a poor appetite results in not enough food intake, you may experience fatigue. Poor food [more…]

10 Ways to Prevent and Fight Off Colds and Other Infections

Because some types of cancer and its treatments can weaken or suppress your immune system, you may be more susceptible to infections and have a harder time recovering from them when they occur. That’s [more…]

Which Factors Increase the Risk of Cancer?

When it comes to cancer, a risk factor is a feature present within an individual that is associated with a statistically greater risk for the development of the disease, but is itself not necessarily the [more…]

Coming to Terms with Your Cancer Diagnosis

When you received your cancer diagnosis, it may have felt like the end of the world, or maybe you found yourself living in a haze for a while. Coming to terms with a cancer diagnosis takes time. Your mind [more…]

What Defines Cancer "Stages"?

Staging is a way to describe the severity of your cancer based on the extent of your original (primary) tumor and whether your cancer has spread to other areas of your body. Staging is important because [more…]


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