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Foods to Choose if You’re Hypoglycemic

You can help manage your hypoglycemia, often referred to as low blood sugar, by choosing foods that improve your condition. You can enjoy a variety of foods, and the foods in the following list are tasty [more…]

Hypoglycemia For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Hypoglycemia is a condition you definitely have to pay attention to, but once you get in the habit of choosing healthy foods and avoiding processed foods that can wreak havoc with your blood sugar levels [more…]

What Pregnant Women and New Mothers Should Know about H1N1

Pregnant women and infants have a higher risk of complications from the H1N1 flu virus, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). So new mothers and mothers-to-be are naturally [more…]

Getting Screened for Prediabetes

The American Diabetes Association recommends that physicians screen their patients for prediabetes starting at age 45. As long as a screening is normal, you should repeat it at three-year intervals. Screening [more…]

Blood Test Results That Identify Prediabetes

Prediabetes is a silent condition: You likely will not experience any symptoms from it. But allowing prediabetes to develop into diabetes will most definitely lead to symptoms, which is exactly what you [more…]

Prediabetes Testing beyond the Blood Glucose

If you’re at risk for prediabetes, you should have several tests and measurements done in addition to having your blood glucose checked. These measurements can provide a baseline against which you and [more…]

How to Prevent and Reverse Prediabetes through Lifestyle Changes

If you get a diagnosis of prediabetes, you need to act immediately to take better control of your health. One of the key ways to prevent full-on diabetes is to get your weight under control. Here are some [more…]

Prediabetes For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Prediabetes affects approximately 60 million people in the United States alone. Left untreated, the condition can lead to diabetes and serious long-term health problems. Prediabetes can be stopped and [more…]

Figure Your Ideal Weight, BMI, and Kilocalorie Intake

If you're diabetic, you should understand that your body weight, body mass index (BMI), and kilocalorie intake affect the way you manage your diabetes. So take the following steps to calculate your ideal [more…]

Diabetes Cookbook For Dummies Cheat Sheet

When you have diabetes, you need to monitor your health closely — including what you eat, how much you eat, and how much you should eat. Managing diabetes means knowing your ideal weight, body mass index [more…]

How to Cope with Chemotherapy-Related Digestive Problems

The same properties that make chemotherapy drugs effective cancer killers also cause them to wreak havoc on normal cells, including those that make up your digestive system. The damage, although usually [more…]

How to Cope with Chemotherapy’s Blood and Nervous System Side Effects

The same properties that make chemotherapy drugs effective cancer killers also cause them to damage healthy cells in your bone marrow, blood and nervous system. The damage, although often temporary, can [more…]

How to Cope with Chemotherapy-Related Skin, Hair, and Reproductive Tract Changes

Chemotherapy can be a life-saving cancer destroyer. Unfortunately, the drugs don’t take aim solely at cancer. They can also kill hair, skin, and reproductive tract cells. This collateral damage leaves [more…]

Coping with Common Radiation Therapy Side Effects

Because radiation therapy involves focusing strong beams of radioactive energy directly on the cancerous tumor and not throughout the body, most side effects occur in the immediate area where the radiation [more…]

Radiation Therapy’s Side Effects on Sexuality and Fertility

Because radiation therapy involves focusing strong beams of radioactive energy directly on the cancerous tumor and not throughout the body, most side effects occur in the immediate area where the radiation [more…]

Radiation Therapy’s Effects on the Head, Neck, Chest, and Abdomen

If you’re receiving radiation to fight cancer in your neck, you may develop trouble swallowing. If you’re radiation is targeting an abdominal tumor, you may have to fight bouts of diarrhea. [more…]

Diagnosing an Infertility Problem: Is IVF for You?

If you’ve been trying for a baby for a year or more without luck, it’s time to tackle the problem and find out what you can do about it. Here are some facts about infertility and IVF to get you started [more…]

Improving Your Chances of IVF Success

Research indicates that by getting into shape before you start IVF you can improve your odds of the treatment being successful. To boost your chances of overcoming infertility and falling pregnant, follow [more…]

IVF in Australia: Facts and Stats

In Australia, infertility treatment such as IVF is generously subsidised by the government via Medicare. Therefore, IVF is more accessible, cheaper and safer in Australia than in many other countries. [more…]

Understanding Some Common Infertility and IVF Abbreviations

When you enter the world of IVF, you need a crash course in deciphering the many abbreviations used in clinics. Here’s a list of the most commonly used short forms of infertility-related terms. [more…]

Keeping Your Spirits Up on Your IVF Journey

Infertility and IVF can be pretty stressful and at times you may feel sad and worried; you and your partner may even struggle in your relationship together. Follow these tips to help you keep sane during [more…]

Caring For Your Baby Post-IVF

When you’ve waited long and tried hard to have a baby, you feel ecstatic when IVF works for you. But even after IVF, you find that caring for a new baby is hard work. Here’s some advice to help you survive [more…]

Understanding the Steps in an IVF Treatment Cycle

If you need IVF to treat your infertility, your doctor will provide you with tonnes of information about what treatment entails. Here’s the short version of the steps involved in an IVF treatment cycle [more…]

Eating Healthy and Avoiding Empty Calories While Pregnant

During your pregnancy, adding 300 high-quality calories daily will provide the best environment for your baby. Stay away from unhealthy choices and choose nutritious snacks and meals. Instead of reaching [more…]

Signs to Quit Exercising When You’re Pregnant

Exercising during your pregnancy has many benefits: overall health, helping to gain the proper weight, and establishing a routine that you can keep even after you have the baby. While you’re exercising [more…]


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