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Playing Hearts: The Basic Rules

Hearts is a game of skill — to a certain extent. You rely on luck to get good cards dealt to you, but strategic playing and a good memory make an enormous difference in this game. Keeping track of the [more…]

How to Pass Your Cards in a Hearts Game

In a game of Hearts, after you pick up and sort your cards, you get to pass three of your cards to another opponent. The passing stage of a Hearts game gives you a chance to unload some cards that you [more…]

Playing Hearts: Game Strategies

In a game of Hearts, the player on the dealer’s left starts by playing whatever non-scoring card he likes. In Hearts, the cards rank in regular fashion, from ace to 2, with the ace being high. You must [more…]

How to Score in a Game of Hearts

When playing Hearts, at the end of the hand, each player collects all the cards in the taken tricks, and the arithmetic begins. Unlike other card games, Hearts doesn’t tax your math skills unduly. Each [more…]

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