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The Basics of Canasta

One reason for Canasta’s widespread popularity is its use of wild cards, which make the game high scoring and unpredictable. Canasta is also one of the few partnership games [more…]

Understanding Melds in Canasta

The object of Canasta is to pick up cards and fit them into groupings. You score points for the groupings, or melds, so the more melds, the merrier. The first team to score 5,000 points wins, and if both [more…]

Playing Canasta: Making the First Meld for Your Partnership

The first meld for each partnership must be worth a certain number of points before you can put it down. Here’s the bad news first: Not only does this requirement apply for the first hand, but also for [more…]

Dealing with the Discard Pile in Canasta

Discarding is a critical part of Canasta; if the discard pile grows large, one false discard can be disastrous. Err on the side of caution by throwing out what you’re sure your opponents don’t want. Do [more…]

Playing Canasta: The Special Rules Regarding 3s

In Canasta, the 3s are treated differently from all other cards, and the red 3s are not treated the same as the black 3s. Read on for the special rules regarding 3s in a Canasta game. [more…]

Finishing a Game of Canasta

Canasta has some unique rules, but it's still a fun, competitive card game. Just like other aspects of the game, there are special rules that pertain to winning [more…]

Tallying Your Scores at Canasta

At the end of a hand of Canasta, as soon as one player goes out, the scoring starts. Add up the points for the bonuses and melds and subtract the negative points from that score. [more…]

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