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How to Make Your Contract in Bridge

Bridge scoring revolves around the final contract (as determined by the bidding) and the number of tricks actually taken by the side buying the contract. If your final contract is 3, your goal is to win [more…]

How to Chart Your Bridge Points

If you don’t want to keep your bridge points tallied in your head, you can use this chart instead. Just look up your bridge tally on this chart instead of fooling with a bunch of math every time you need [more…]

How to Score Doubled Contracts in Bridge

You can double a contract if your opponents arrive at a final contract that either you or your partner think is just too high. For example, if the opponents bid 7NT [more…]

How to Score Redoubled Contracts in Bridge

Some players treat a penalty double in a hand of bridge as a personal insult. Those players are prone to say, “Redouble” (“I double-dare you”), quadrupling the stakes! When a contract is redoubled and [more…]

How to Handle Penalties in Bridge

If you don’t make your contract in bridge, you’re penalized when it comes to reckoning time at the end of the hand. Penalties consist of points you give to the other team for not taking enough tricks in [more…]

How to Score Slams in Bridge

Slam contracts in bridge give you immediate bonuses. Bidding to the six level (a small slam) or bidding to the seven level (a grand slam) is exciting and also perilous. Bidding to the six level means that [more…]

How to Score a Bridge Rubber

In bridge, to make game, you need to score 100 points. The first team to score game twice wins the rubber. Scoring in bridge is a cumulative process that takes in several factors when you play an actual [more…]

Points Scored by Making Your Contract in Bridge

This handy table for bridge players shows how many points you score if you make your contract. Your bridge score depends upon which suit you end up in [more…]

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