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How to Score a Bridge Rubber

In bridge, to make game, you need to score 100 points. The first team to score game twice wins the rubber. Scoring in bridge is a cumulative process that takes in several factors when you play an actual [more…]

How to Save Trumps in the Dummy in Bridge

In a hand of bridge, your opponents watch you try to trump your losers in the dummy when you lead the dummy’s short suit, and they don’t like it. You’re trumping their tricks! But for every strategy in [more…]

How to Play Second Hand in Bridge

What should your strategy be for defending when you play second to a trick, or second hand? Whenever you play second hand, either the declarer or the dummy has led the suit initially. Your plays are governed [more…]

Bridge: Making an Opening Lead against a Trump Contract

Because you have the advantage of the opening lead in a bridge hand with a trump contract, you can map out your defensive strategy depending on the bidding and your hand. You have several options for opening [more…]

Bridge: Playing Third Hand against a Notrump Contract

Your partner makes an opening lead. The dummy comes down, the declarer plays a card from the dummy, and suddenly it’s your turn to play, making you third hand. [more…]

Bridge: Making the Opening Lead against a Notrump Contract

Your opening lead in a hand of bridge tells your partner quite a lot about what you have in the suit you’re leading. The information you relay in the opening lead, in turn, helps your partner plan the [more…]

Points Scored by Making Your Contract in Bridge

This handy table for bridge players shows how many points you score if you make your contract. Your bridge score depends upon which suit you end up in [more…]

The Four Phases of a Bridge Hand

Each hand of bridge is divided into four phases, which always occur in the same order: dealing, bidding for tricks, playing the hand, and scoring. [more…]

Bidding Tips for Winning Bridge Games

In bridge, bidding is considered the most important aspect of the game. It's a given that a good bidder equals a winning bridge player. Here are a few bidding tips to start you off: [more…]

Bridge Etiquette: Bidding Do's and Don'ts

In bridge, bidding is an exchange of information. During bidding, you're trying to telegraph details about your cards to your partner. Your first impulse may be to develop some special bidding conventions [more…]


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