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Hooking Up Xbox 360 Sound

Xbox 360 allows two types of audio connections: analog and digital.Both analog and digital audio connections can give you surround sound or stereo sound, depending on the sound system that you use with [more…]


Understanding Poker

Like a house, poker requires a foundation. Only when that foundation is solidly in place can you proceed to build on it. When all the structural elements are in place, you can then add flourishes and decorative [more…]


Defining Your Dungeons & Dragons Character

A Dungeons & Dragons player character lives in an ancient time, in a world much like ours was in medieval times, when knights and castles filled the land. Imagine this place, where magic really works and [more…]


Playing Texas Hold'em Move by Move

Like all poker games, Hold'em has a very specific order in which the cards are dealt and played. [more…]

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Separating Myths from Facts in Vampire: The Requiem

Where does Vampire's mythology diverge from popular belief? Where do the conceits ring true? The following statements outline real-world legends of the undead, clarifying their truth or falsity in the [more…]

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