Southern Hemisphere Wines

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South Africa's Wine Regions

South Africa began focusing on table wine production in the 1980s. At the end of the eighteenth century, South Africa was producing a fortified wine called Constantia, which became sought after in European [more…]

What Makes Australian Wines Unique

Australia is one of the world powers of wine. The wine industry of Australia is perhaps the most technologically advanced, forward-thinking on earth, and the success of Australian wines around the world [more…]

The Wine Regions of Australia

The more well-known wine regions in Australia are located in the states of South Australia, New South Wales, Victoria, and Western Australia. The wine regions in each of these states produce different [more…]

Wines from New Zealand

The history of winemaking in New Zealand is relatively short, having been hampered by conservative attitudes towards winemaking and alcohol. In the 1980s, New Zealand finally began capitalizing on its [more…]

How Aussie and Kiwi Wines are Named

The name of an Australian or New Zealand (Kiwi) wine is usually the most recognizable thing on the wine bottle's label. In the case of small vineyards, the brand name and the name of the company are usually [more…]

Understanding Aussie and Kiwi Wine Labels

Every piece of information on an Aussie or Kiwi wine label must be accurate. Federal and state legislation covers the labeling of wines in Australia and New Zealand, like any product. [more…]

The Wine Regions of Chile

The Spanish first established vineyards in Chile in the mid-sixteenth century, and Chile has maintained a thriving wine industry for its home market for several centuries. Chile's wine industry has grown [more…]

Wines Produced in Argentina

Argentina produces about four times as much wine as Chile does — almost as much as the entire United States. It boasts the largest wine production in South America and the fifth-largest wine production [more…]

Sauternes and the Nobly Rotten Wines

Warm, misty autumns encourage the growth of a fungus called botrytis cinerea in vineyards. Nicknamed noble rot,botrytis concentrates the sugar and acid in the juice of the grapes, giving the winemaker [more…]

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