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Understanding the Categories of Italian Wine

Because Italy is a member of the European Union, her official system of categorizing wines (her appellation system) must conform to the two-tier EU system. This system distinguishes quality wines from [more…]

Wines of Italy’s Piedmont Region

Red wines reign supreme in Italy's Piedmont region. Piedmont’s claim to wine fame is the Nebbiolo grape, a noble red variety that produces great wine only [more…]

Wines from Italy's Tuscany Region: Chianti

Chianti is a large wine zone extending through much of Italy's Tuscany region. The zone — all of it DOCG status — has eight districts. Chianti wines may use the name of the district where their grapes [more…]

Wines from Italy's Tuscany Region: Brunello di Montalcino

While Italy's Chianti wines have been famous for centuries, another great red wine from the Tuscany region, Brunello di Montalcino, exploded on the international scene much more recently, when the Biondi-Santi [more…]

Wines from Italy's Tuscany Region: Vino Nobile, Carmignano, Vernaccia

Italy's Tuscany region offers two lesser-known red wines — Vino Nobile di Montepulciano and Carmignano — and Tuscany’s most renowned white wine, Vernaccia di San Gimignano. All three are DOCG wines, the [more…]

Newer Super-Tuscan Wines of Italy

The newer, red super-Tuscan wines were born in Italy when Chianti sales lost momentum in the 1970s. Progressive producers created these red wines — collectively known today as super-Tuscans — and caught [more…]

Italy's Tre Venezie Wine Regions

The three wine regions in the northeastern corner of Italy are often referred to as the Tre Venezie — the Three Venices — because they were once part of the Venetian Empire. Each of these regions produces [more…]

Major Italian White Wines

Italian white wines come in varieties that run from sparkling and sweet to smooth and fruity to crisp and dry. The following list describes each of the major Italian white whites: [more…]

Major Italian Red Wines

Italian red wines bring up the image of grape-stomping parties that provide fun for the whole village. Fortunately, you don't have to press the grapes yourself to enjoy a bottle of good Italian red wine [more…]

Italian Wine Grapes

Sometimes you know the name of the grape used to produce the nice Italian wine you're drinking because the name of the grape and the name of the wine are the same. But that's not always the case, so if [more…]

Pronunciation Guide to Italian Wine Names

To fully enjoy your Italian wine-drinking experience, practice with the following pronunciation guide — the syllable in all CAPS is the one to accent. Soon, you'll be speaking Italian like a true wine [more…]

The Italian Wine Model

Tiny Italy — 60 percent the size of France, three-quarters the size of California — is an over-achiever in its wine production. In many years, Italy leads the world in producing wine! [more…]

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