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Beer Style Guidelines Hierarchy

The following list has been compiled by the Beer Judge Certification Program and is used by the American Homebrewers Association for competitive purposes. This hierarchical list presents an overview of [more…]

Unusual Beer Styles and Great Beer Brands to Try at Least Once

Most beer drinkers tend to drink just a couple different beer styles without straying too far off the beaten path. But to fully understand and appreciate the wider spectrum of beer styles, here are a few [more…]

The Differences between Ales and Lagers

All beers are made as ales or lagers; ale and lager are the two main branches (classifications) of the beer family tree and are closely related branches at that. Ales are the older, distinguished, traditional [more…]

The Basics of Ales

Ale is the beer classification that predates written history. Presumably, the very first beers brewed by our hominid forebears were a crude form of ale spontaneously fermented by wild airborne yeasts. [more…]

Between Lagers and Ales: Hybrid Beers

Beers can have mixed parentage. These types of beers have been dubbed hybrid beers, and they exist due to brewers’ flouting of conventions by fermenting a beer with lager yeast at ale [more…]

Brewing Specialty Beers

Specialty beers are one of the most fun and popular beer categories in the world. This category is fun for the brewers and popular for the consumers because it really has no clearly defined boundaries [more…]

Traits of Taste in Different Beers

In order to fully understand and appreciate the various beer styles that exist in the world, knowing how beer styles differ from one another and how those differences are measured is helpful. [more…]

Types of Lagers

The name lager is taken from the German word lagern, meaning "to store." Most of the mass-produced beers of the world are lagers, but a wider range of styles exists than what those commercial brands may [more…]

Types of Hybrid Beers

Some beer styles don’t fit perfectly into the ale and lager categories because brewers mix the ingredients and processes of both categories into one beer. For example, a brewer may use an ale yeast but [more…]

Types of Specialty Beers

The specialty beers category is more or less a catch-all for the beer styles that don’t fit elsewhere. When it comes to specialty beers’ place on the beer family tree, the wild artiste cousin is the model [more…]

Dispensing Real Ale

When the time comes to serve real ale, the cask has to be fitted with a dispensing device. Depending on where the cask is kept at the pub, it may be fitted with a simple tap or a beer line to draw the [more…]

The Main Ingredients of Beer

What is beer exactly? By excruciatingly simple definition, beer is any fermented beverage made with a cereal grain. Specifically, beer is made from these four primary ingredients: [more…]

The Basic Styles of Beer

As a generic word, beer includes every style of fermented malt beverage, including ales and lagers and all the individual and hybrid styles that fall under those headings. Within the realm of major beer [more…]

Drinking Beer in Belgium

Belgium is heaven for beer explorers. Beer is Belgium’s claim to fame (in beer lovers’ eyes), much as wine is to France. With more than 100 breweries (and almost ten times that a few generations ago) in [more…]

Drinking Beer in the Czech Republic

The Czechs drink about as much beer per capita as any population does. And like Germany, locally produced beers can be found in almost every Czech town. Be aware that the Czech Republic is a lager-producing [more…]

Homebrewing Beer with Specialty Grains

If all the beer-making grain in the world was exactly the same, very few unique beer styles would exist. Because grain (mostly barley) is responsible for providing beer with much of its color, flavor, [more…]

Selecting Beer for Different Occasions

A choice of beer usually depends on time and place. Whatever beer satisfies on a hot summer’s afternoon hardly suffices on a cold winter’s night. A beer you choose to be the last one of the evening might [more…]

Knowing When You Can Use Beer in a Recipe

Anywhere wine, broth, or water is called for in a recipe, beer usually offers a unique alternative. Imaginative cooks can have a field day experimenting with beer as a substitute for at least part of the [more…]

Choosing the Right Beer for a Recipe

With the wide array of styles available, you need to make a choice about which beer to use in a recipe. Although the everyday, light-bodied, commercial lagers generally do fine, they obviously don’t add [more…]

Cooking with Beer: Roasted Garlic and Onion Soup Recipe

The mellow, flavorful Brown Ale can be a delightful addition to a rich, hearty garlic and onion soup. You can roast additional heads of garlic for future use: Simply freeze the unpeeled heads in a well-sealed [more…]

Cooking with Beer: Beer Batter Extraordinaire Recipe

This beer batter can be used to crisp and coat meats, fish, vegetables — anything savory you’d like to deep fry. It’s best used immediately after being prepared, so be sure to have the food being battered [more…]

Cooking with Beer: Beer-Glazed Focaccia Recipe

This recipe makes the chewiest, fullest-flavored focaccia around, made just for beer lovers. You can follow the first five steps to prepare dough, or buy frozen bread dough, thaw it, pat it into a 1/2-inch-thick [more…]

Cooking with Beer: Chile con Carne Recipe

Adding beer — in this case Vienna, Märzen, or Oktoberfest, but the choices are plentiful — to your chili can make the flavors more complex and robust. Try serving this chili with garnishes of sharp cheddar [more…]

Cooking with Beer: Brewers Pulled Beef Recipe

This simple-to-prepare barbecue of succulent shredded beef steeped in a deep, beer-enhanced barbecue sauce should be piled high on big sourdough buns and served with your best coleslaw. [more…]

Cooking with Beer: Arizona Quiche Recipe

Beer and quiche? Why not! But this isn’t your regular high-brow quiche; it’s filled with spicy-hot chilies, peppers and creamy Jack cheese. Quiches aren’t the lightest fare, but if you’d like a lighter [more…]


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