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Serving Beer Properly

To fully enjoy your beer-drinking experience, it helps to follow a few simple serving suggestions. Here are some very simple and easy ways to increase your beer enjoyment: [more…]

Using Casks to Brew Real Ale

Real ale refers to beer that’s made the old-fashioned way. Real ale is brewed from traditional ingredients and is allowed to mature and age naturally. Maturing and aging naturally means the beer is unfiltered [more…]

How a Cask of Real Ale Is Prepared before Serving Any Beer

When a cask of real ale arrives at its destination, the landlord or cellarman is now in charge of seeing that the cask is properly cared for before serving that beer to the public. Doing so requires much [more…]

Dispensing Real Ale

When the time comes to serve real ale, the cask has to be fitted with a dispensing device. Depending on where the cask is kept at the pub, it may be fitted with a simple tap or a beer line to draw the [more…]

Beer Homebrewing Ingredients

Buying the ingredients for your first batch of beer is easy, almost a no-brainer. You go into a homebrew-supply shop or fill out an online order form and buy an extract kit [more…]

Sterilizing and Sanitizing when Homebrewing Beer

If you want your beer to taste fresh and be drinkable and enjoyable, you need to protect it from the millions of hungry microbes that are waiting to ambush your brew. Germs are everywhere; they live with [more…]

Choosing Cleansers for Beer Homebrewing Equipment

The chemicals used to clean homebrewing equipment include iodine-based products, ammonia, chlorine-based products, lye, and at least one environmentally safe cleanser that uses percarbonates. Following [more…]

Homebrewing: Letting Your Beer Ferment

Raw, sweet wort must undergo fermentation before it officially becomes beer, and bottling can’t take place until fermentation is complete. Fermentation of a 5-gallon batch usually takes a minimum of seven [more…]

Homebrewing: Bottling Your Beer

When you’re certain that the homebrewed beer you’ve lovingly crafted is fully fermented, retrieve the bottling equipment and get ready to start the bottling procedures. [more…]

Choosing the Right Barrels for Brewing Beer

The whole point of having beer in contact with wood is for the beer to pick up some of the aroma and flavor characteristics of the wood. Additionally, if the beer is aged in a barrel that previously held [more…]

Creating New Beer Flavors with Old Beer Barrels

Today’s beer brewers realize that much can be gained by aging their beers in barrels that once held other fermented beverages. They also realize that barrel aging isn’t an exact science; in fact, it’s [more…]

Buying Beer: Choosing a Container

Beer drinkers have argued endlessly over whether beer is better bottled or canned. The beer can offers the most convenience, but you can’t argue against the aesthetics of the old brown bottle. Besides, [more…]

Shopping for the Freshest Beer

Most people aren’t the least bit self-conscious about squeezing tomatoes, thumping melons, sniffing ground beef, or reading the freshness date on bread wrappers at the supermarket. And don’t wine enthusiasts [more…]

What You Will and Won't Find on Beer Labels

In the United States, the American brewing industry (along with American wine and spirits industries) is overseen by both the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms [more…]

Homebrewing Supplies and Equipment

New homebrewers are no different from other hobbyists; they’re chomping at the bit (foaming at the mouth?) to get started with their hobby. Although this enthusiasm is good, jumping headlong into the unknown [more…]

Homebrewing: How to Make Your Own Beer

Making and bottling a batch of beer, like building Rome, can’t be done in a day. On the other hand, it doesn’t take a heck of a lot longer than a day, either. You need to set aside two days, about a week [more…]

Buying Beer in Kegs

You night not need to invest in an entire keg of beer very often, but if you enjoy beer, you’ll probably find yourself shopping for one from time to time for weddings, birthday parties, or other celebrations [more…]

Types of Glassware for Serving Beer

Traditionally, certain beers have a specific glass style associated with them. Using these glasses is a sign of your high regard for great beer. The nice thing about beer glassware, though, is that it [more…]

Glassware Used for Drinking Beer for Sport

The various shapes and sizes of beer glassware play a meaningful role in your enjoyment. Some non-style-specific glassware used in drinking games and other sport drinking can provide the unsuspecting drinker [more…]

To Tilt or Not to Tilt: How to Pour a Beer

Before you pour a beer, make sure you have a glass that can hold the contents of a whole bottle or can plus a head. That makes everything easier. How to best pour a beer depends on the type of beer. For [more…]

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