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What You Will and Won't Find on Beer Labels

In the United States, the American brewing industry (along with American wine and spirits industries) is overseen by both the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms [more…]

Understanding the Alcohol Content of Beer

Even though all other alcoholic beverages are required to clearly list alcohol content on their labels, listing any indication of strength, including percentage of alcohol [more…]

Beer Megabrewers Crafting Microbrews?

Shortly after the craft beer revolution got underway, the lion (megabrewers) noticed the thorn (craft brewers) in its paw, leading to some clever marketing and business strategizing. Megabrewers liked [more…]

The Nutritional Content of Beer

In the United States, the TTB (the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau) doesn’t allow the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Nutrition Facts chart to appear on a beer bottle or can. And in the European [more…]

Serve Beer at the Right Temperature

One of the finer points of beer enjoyment that’s too often overlooked is proper serving temperature. Serving beers at their proper temperature may take a little extra effort or planning, but the rewards [more…]

Beer-Tasting: How to Evaluate a Beer

Drinking beer is a sensual experience. Consuming beer (or any food, for that matter) should be a full sensory experience; the more senses involved, the more you’ll remember the experience — positive or [more…]

The Nose Knows: How to Smell a Beer

Beer aromas are fleeting, so start with a sniff even before you take a look. Also, flavor is partly based on aroma — a full 1/4 to 1/3 of your ability to taste is directly related to smell, so don’t underestimate [more…]

Beer Tasting: Malt, Hops, and Fermentation

For true beer nuts, a beer’s overall flavor intensity can be thought of as a pyramid of taste, with slight but notable fluctuations from level to level. Related beer-tasting terms run through the following [more…]

Analyzing the Mouthfeel and Body of Beer

The tactile aspects of beer evaluation are mouthfeel and body. You can literally feel the beer in your mouth and describe it in familiar physical terms [more…]

Drinking Beer in Brewpubs

One of the best places to taste different beers in North America is at a brewpub — a pub, usually with a restaurant, that serves its own beer made in a small brewery on the premises, kind of like a restaurant [more…]

Homebrewing Supplies and Equipment

New homebrewers are no different from other hobbyists; they’re chomping at the bit (foaming at the mouth?) to get started with their hobby. Although this enthusiasm is good, jumping headlong into the unknown [more…]

Homebrewing: How to Make Your Own Beer

Making and bottling a batch of beer, like building Rome, can’t be done in a day. On the other hand, it doesn’t take a heck of a lot longer than a day, either. You need to set aside two days, about a week [more…]

Pairing Beer and Food for a Beer Dinner

One of the best and most amazing ways to experience beer as a dinner beverage is to attend a beer dinner, where the chef has teamed up with a brewmaster or a beer importer to develop and pair food and [more…]

Choices Beer Brewers Make during the Aging Process

Beer brewers can’t always set a packaging date on the calendar ahead of time for barrel-aged and wood-aged beer. More often than not, the beer decides when it’s ready. Barrel-aged and wood-aged beers need [more…]

Buying Beer in Kegs

You night not need to invest in an entire keg of beer very often, but if you enjoy beer, you’ll probably find yourself shopping for one from time to time for weddings, birthday parties, or other celebrations [more…]

Types of Glassware for Serving Beer

Traditionally, certain beers have a specific glass style associated with them. Using these glasses is a sign of your high regard for great beer. The nice thing about beer glassware, though, is that it [more…]

Glassware Used for Drinking Beer for Sport

The various shapes and sizes of beer glassware play a meaningful role in your enjoyment. Some non-style-specific glassware used in drinking games and other sport drinking can provide the unsuspecting drinker [more…]

To Tilt or Not to Tilt: How to Pour a Beer

Before you pour a beer, make sure you have a glass that can hold the contents of a whole bottle or can plus a head. That makes everything easier. How to best pour a beer depends on the type of beer. For [more…]

Evaluating the Appearance of a Poured Beer

What should you look for in a beer? Your eyes can discern color, clarity, and head retention (as well as price, of course, and maybe even the meaning of life). The meaning of life is something you’ll have [more…]

Rating Beer and Recording Your Evaluations

Because of the wide availability and reasonable pricing of beer, you may want to keep a record of the beers you taste and your reactions to them. You can write down a full profile of a beer in only a few [more…]

Types of Ales

Looking back through beer history, ales are considered the beer of antiquity. Ales come in a very wide range of flavors and styles. The following list covers some of the best known: [more…]

Contract Beer Brewing

Microbreweries (brewers who make fewer than 60,000 barrels of beer a year) have sort of cornered the image market on gourmet beer: Most of these beers sell for more because consumers consider them superior [more…]


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