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Cooking with Beer: Arizona Quiche Recipe

Beer and quiche? Why not! But this isn’t your regular high-brow quiche; it’s filled with spicy-hot chilies, peppers and creamy Jack cheese. Quiches aren’t the lightest fare, but if you’d like a lighter [more…]

Cooking with Beer: Hot-n-Spicy Chicken with E-Z Garlic Sauce

Marinating meats in beer (or other alcoholic beverages) is nothing new, but this hot and spicy chicken recipe includes beer both in the marinade and in the sauce. [more…]

Cooking with Beer: Bayou Shrimp Recipe

Although they don’t necessarily come from the same neighborhood, the robust taste of a Stout or Porter can blend well with the rich flavors of Cajun food. Serve this shrimp with lots of chilled brew [more…]

Cooking with Beer: Chocolate Stout Silk Pie Recipe

It’s not unusual to find liquor in the list of ingredients for a dessert (Bananas Foster, Cherries Jubilee, Bourbon Bread Pudding, even alcoholic whipped cream), but you might not think of adding beer. [more…]

Microbrewing Gains Attention — and a Following

When craft brewers (also known as microbrewers) first came on the scene in the late 1970s and early 1980s, just about everyone ignored them. Consumers didn’t take them very seriously, and as far as the [more…]

Canadian Beer Brewing

Canada’s brewing roots are just about as old and well established as those in the United States. Actually, much of Canada’s history is intertwined with American history because the Great White North was [more…]

Drinking Beer in Beer Bars

In Ireland, the United Kingdom, and most of western and central Europe, the pub culture is still intact. Many pubs and taverns are quaint, quiet places where you can comfortably enjoy a drink with the [more…]

Drinking Beer with Dinner in a Restaurant

Usually, a restaurant is an unlikely place to find a good beer. Wine has always been, and still is, the conceptual favorite for food and drink pairing. But now there’s hope. More and more often, you can [more…]

Celebrating at Beer Festivals

Beer lovers love to celebrate beer. Craft beer fests seem to be popping up wherever a small collection of brewpubs or microbreweries exists. Can it be that beer is a good social lubricant? Something to [more…]

Beer Festival Dos and Don’ts

There’s an etiquette for everything. Any veteran of local, regional, and national beer festivals has a mental list of dos and don’ts to maximize enjoyment and learning at beer festivals. [more…]

Drinking Beer in Germany

Few people are aware that beer in Germany is very localized. Because of the number of breweries, and in particular the number of breweries per capita, Germany is pretty well saturated with beer on a local [more…]

Drinking Beer in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is the ale stronghold of the world. Similar to the U.S. brewing industry, a handful of large, national breweries dominate the market, but several hundred brewpubs, micros, and regional [more…]

Drinking Beer in Ireland

Ironically, though well known for both its wonderful pub culture (the tales! the music!) and internationally successful brewers Guinness, Murphy, and Beamish, Ireland doesn’t have many breweries, museums [more…]

Mexican Beer Brewing

Mexican beer is far from glamorous; it’s never been considered much more than another thirst-quenching beverage in a hot and parched country. But a number of major and craft beer brands are available. [more…]

Pairing Beer with Food

Although vintage wines and aged spirits can boast of a long companionship with haute cuisine, beer — until recently in some places — is often relegated to the backyard barbecue. But that’s wrong. Beer [more…]

Choosing the Right Barrels for Brewing Beer

The whole point of having beer in contact with wood is for the beer to pick up some of the aroma and flavor characteristics of the wood. Additionally, if the beer is aged in a barrel that previously held [more…]

Creating New Beer Flavors with Old Beer Barrels

Today’s beer brewers realize that much can be gained by aging their beers in barrels that once held other fermented beverages. They also realize that barrel aging isn’t an exact science; in fact, it’s [more…]

Getting Started with Extreme Beers

As part of the beer brewing process, malted barley undergoes a mashing process that leeches out the grain’s fermentable sugar, or maltose. Maltose is then converted to alcohol by the yeast during fermentation [more…]

Monastic Brews and Extreme Beers

Religious orders have been brewing beer in Europe since the Middle Ages. These monastic brews are always widely praised and prized but often misunderstood — mostly due to their origins. Many people believe [more…]

Choosing an Organic Beer

In this day and age, an organic movement is in place toward all things, well, organic. Almost everything is available as an organic choice: coffee, fruits and vegetables, juice, and wine. Organic beer [more…]

Choosing a Gluten-Free Beer

Many different grains have been used to brew beer over the millennia. Of course, barley is best, followed by wheat and then rye. The problem with these grains — at least for people who suffer from celiac [more…]

Choosing a Kosher Beer

For millions of observant Jews around the world, following the kashrut, or Jewish dietary laws, is a very important part of everyday life. Food and drink that are in accord with [more…]

Buying Beer: Choosing a Container

Beer drinkers have argued endlessly over whether beer is better bottled or canned. The beer can offers the most convenience, but you can’t argue against the aesthetics of the old brown bottle. Besides, [more…]

Shopping for the Freshest Beer

Most people aren’t the least bit self-conscious about squeezing tomatoes, thumping melons, sniffing ground beef, or reading the freshness date on bread wrappers at the supermarket. And don’t wine enthusiasts [more…]

Warning Signs That a Beer Is Stale

Your evaluation of newly purchased beer starts with the removal of the bottle cap. Did the bottle give a quick, healthy hiss? Did it gush like Mt. Vesuvius or fail to release any carbonation at all? Unless [more…]


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