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Fun Fruity Martini Recipes

Ultimately, the Martinis you see here are just cocktails like any other, but they’re called Martinis because they’re served in a martini glass. Bartenders have to be trendy, and it’s trendy. In a few years [more…]

Bartending: Bloody Mary Recipe Variations

Do you love a good Bloody Mary? This is often hailed as the hair of the dog (decide for yourself if it works), but if you need to mix things up a bit, try one of these variations on the classis Bloody [more…]

Bartending: 14 Cunning Captain Morgan Recipes

One of the popular rums, Captain Morgan, lends itself to many different, versatile recipes for the enthusiastic rum drinker. Some are traditional, others, not so much. So, raise your glass! [more…]

Bartending: Decadent Chocolate Drink Recipes

Do you have a wicked sweet tooth? Instead of reaching for the candy bowl, try reaching into your liquor cabinet. These chocolate infused drinks are great for romantic evenings or just as a treat for the [more…]

Bartending: Coconut Concoctions Drink Recipes

You know that dietary trend that says that coconut water is good for you? Jump on the bandwagon with these tasty coconut drink recipes. Okay, maybe it doesn’t have the same health benefits, but they’re [more…]

Bartending: 6 Charming Cuervo Drink Recipes

If tangy tequila is your drink of choice, give one of these drinks a try. The following are made using Jose Cuervo tequila to give your taste buds a tasty treat. [more…]

Bartending: St. Patrick’s Day Green Drink Recipes

Celebrate the Irish holiday with your favorite green drink. It doesn’t have to be beer. Take one of these great recipes with you to this year’s festivities and be a hit with your host for St. Patrick’s [more…]

Bartending: 11 Hot Drink Recipes

These hot drink recipes are the perfect thing to slice through the bitter cold in the middle of winter. There are plenty of hot drink choices to help you keep the cold away. Try one of these to warm you [more…]

Bartending: Irish Themed Drink Recipes

Need a drink idea to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? Really, you don’t need a reason, you can simply toast to your Irish (or not so Irish) heritage. Try one of these great Irish themed drink recipes. [more…]

Bartending: 8 Pretty Pink Drink Recipes

Perfect for a girls night out, or even a girls night in, these pink drink recipes are delicious and a general crowd pleaser. Just follow these easy steps to make the perfect pink drink. [more…]

Bartending: Raging Raspberry Flavored Drink Recipes

If you love a good fruity drink, try one of these delicious raspberry flavored cocktails. Just add an umbrella, maybe a fruit garnish and you are prepared for sunny relaxation! [more…]

Bartending: 7 Striking Stoli Recipes

For all the vodka lovers out there, Stoli is a great choice for cocktail creations. Choose your favorite from below and follow the simple steps, then sit, relax and enjoy! [more…]

Bartending: 6 Tasty Tequila Recipes

It’s not hard to make that great tequila cocktail you had the other day. It looked fancy enough, but just follow these steps and you will be on your way to bartending excellence. [more…]

Bartending: Simple Summertime Cocktail Recipes

There is almost no better way to relax under the sun than with a delicious summer cocktail. Choose your favorite and follow the easy steps to get you one step closer to fun in the sun. [more…]

Bartending: 18 Delicious Baileys Drink Recipes

Baileys Irish Cream offers many options for your drink of choice. It works well as an addition to your morning (or, let’s face it, your afternoon or evening) coffee, but can also be a great addition to [more…]

Bartending: 5 Festive Blue Curaçao Drink Recipes

Blue drinks make a perfect accompaniment to a festive gathering. You will achieve just that with Blue Curaçao. Here are a few great recipes if you decide to go blue: [more…]

Bartending: 9 Grand 'Ol Gold Themed Drink Recipes

Is someone you know celebrating a golden birthday? Match your drinks to the theme of the evening and surprise that special someone with a golden themed drink on their special day. [more…]

Bartending: Bacardi Drink Recipes

Are you a rum drinker? Or, maybe you just like a good cocktail. Here are some delicious recipes for using your favorite Bacardi rum to make a variety of drinks, from classic to exotic. [more…]

Bartending: Nonalcoholic Drink Recipes

A good number of your guests may choose not to drink alcohol, but this decision doesn’t mean that they’re stuck with boring soft drinks. Any of the following recipes are sure to impress. [more…]

Classic Martini Recipes

The truth of the matter is that a real Martini is simply a couple ounces of ice-cold gin (or vodka if gin isn’t your thing) your bartender serves you with a dash of vermouth. Some people like more or less [more…]

How to Calculate Liquor and Supply Needs for Your Event

Say you're throwing a party and don't know how much is enough for the number of guests you've invited. Here are all the answers you’ll need when it comes to stocking up on liquor and supplies for a get-together [more…]

Popular Cognac Brands Bartenders Should Know

A good bartender should know the popular cognac brands. Even though all cognacs are produced in the same region, and even though every brand seems to have the same jumble of age designations on its labels [more…]

Reliable Wine Choices When Ordering in a Restaurant

Here are some wine suggestions that you will find on many restaurant wine lists. If you are not sure what type of wine you should order, here is an easy go-to list. They pair reliably well with the foods [more…]

Grape Varieties of Some Major Italian Wine Regions

If you want to learn a little more about wine, it’s a good idea to start with Italian varieties. The following table identifies the grape varieties behind many of Italy’s most important wines. Note that [more…]

The “New World” of Wine

What do the wines of North and South America, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand have in common? For one thing, none of them are produced in Europe. In fact, you could say that they are the wines [more…]


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