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Bartending Basics: How Beer Is Made

All bartenders should be familiar with beer. The beer-brewing process begins with pure water, corn grits, and malted barley. Malted barley is the basic ingredient and is often referred to as the “soul [more…]

What Bartenders Should Know about Beer

Every bartender will inevitably come into contact with beer. Beer is an exceptionally popular alcoholic drink. Following are the different types of beer and some tips on how they should be served. [more…]

What Bartenders Should Know about Brandy

Brandy is made by distilling wine or fruit and then aging it in oak barrels. For bartending purposes, the difference in brand varies from country to country. Soil, climate, grapes, production methods, [more…]

What Bartenders Should Know about Cognac

Bartenders should know that cognac can be produced only in the legally defined region of Cognac, France, located between the Atlantic and Massif Central — specifically, at the junction between the oceanic [more…]

What Bartenders Should Know about Armagnac

Not all bartenders may come across Armagnac. Armagnac,though less well-known than cognac, is France's oldest brandy and has been produced continuously since the 15th century [more…]

What Bartenders Should Know about Gin

The gin and tonic is one that most bartenders know. Ginis basically a distilled grain spirit flavored with extracts from different plants, mainly the juniper berry. The Dutch were the first to make gin [more…]

Popular Gin Brands Bartenders Should Know

There are four popular types of gin bartenders should know: London dry gin, Dutch gin, Holland gin, and flavored gin. The following are all London dry gins. Each brand has its own distinctive flavor that [more…]

What Bartenders Should Know about Irish Whiskey

Irish whiskey is triple-distilled from barley and other grains in pot stills and aged between five and ten years. As bartenders should now, one major difference between Scotch and Irish whiskey is that [more…]

What Bartenders Should Know about Rum

Rum is a mainstay for most bartenders. Caribbean rum has been exported out of the islands for hundreds of years, linked to the tropical and subtropical climates where sugar cane thrives. It was Christopher [more…]

What Bartenders Should Know about Flavored and Spiced Rums and Cachaça

Rums are now available in several different flavors for bartenders; new flavors of rums come out every day. Check with your local liquor retailer or liquor wholesaler to see what's new. Here are some popular [more…]

Popular Rum Brands Bartenders Should Know

Rum is produced throughout the Caribbean and beyond. There are several different types of rum, bartenders should know. Rum is required in different cocktail recipes, and is a very popular alcoholic drink [more…]

What Bartenders Should Know about Scotch Whisky

Bartenders should definitely know about Scotch whisky. Scotch whisky (spelled without the e in whiskey) has a distinctive smoky flavor that's the result of both the choice of ingredients and the method [more…]

Popular Scotch Whisky Brands Bartenders Should Know

Scotch whisky is a readily available liquor bartenders are bound to come across. These are the brands of Scotch whisky that you're most likely to find at your local bar or liquor store: [more…]

What Bartenders Should Know about Tequila

Tequila and bartenders is a good match. Since the 17th century, and now by Mexican law, all tequila comes from a certain area known as Tequila within the state of Jalisco. In this dry, volcanic soil of [more…]

What Bartenders Should Know about Mezcal

The process of making mezcal hasn't changed much since the Spanish arrived in Mexico in the early 1800s and brought with them distillation technologies. The Aztecs near the mountaintop settlement of Monte [more…]

What Bartenders Should Know about Vodka

Bartenders should certainly be familiar with vodka. Vodka was originally distilled only from potatoes, but today, it's also made from grain — mostly wheat, rye, and corn. But distillers don't seem at all [more…]

What Bartenders Should Know about Flavored Vodkas

Flavored vodkas, which have become quite popular in the bartending world, are made with the addition of natural flavoring ingredients. Scores of flavored vodkas are available, from apple to Zubrowka. [more…]

What Bartenders Should Know about Wine

Good wine will be a part of any bartending experience. Climate is a big factor in making good wine. To grow wine-worthy grapes, summers can't be too hot and autumns need to be cool. Light rainfall is necessary [more…]

What Bartenders Should Know about Port and Sherry

For bartending purposes, port and sherry fall into the wine category. Port is a sweet, fortified wine to which brandy is added. It's named for Oporto — a city in northern Portugal. It's made from grapes [more…]

What Bartenders Should Know about Vermouth

As a bartender, you will probably be asked to use vermouth in drink recipes. Vermouth originated in the 18th century, when wine growers in the foothills of the French and Italian Alps developed a method [more…]

Bartending Basics: Wine Storing and Serving Suggestions

As a bartender, there's no sense serving good wine if you're not going to do so at the right temperature. If served at a wrong temperature, wine will lose the subtle nuances of flavor that make it so popular [more…]

Bartending: 9 Essential Breakfast Cocktail Recipes

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere. That’s good enough for bartenders. Do you need any more justification for having a drink at 6 or 9 or 11 in the morning? So maybe you don’t mix up an alcoholic beverage before [more…]

Holiday Cocktail Recipes for Every Occasion

Here are several drinks you can serve on holidays throughout the calendar year. Sure, you can have green beer on St. Patrick’s Day, but where’s the fun in that? Sample something different. [more…]

Bartending: Must Have Punch Recipes

Punches of all kinds are an expected beverage at many of today’s social gatherings. Whether you’re an aspiring bartender or just someone who wants to be a good host, you need to have at least a few of [more…]

Bartending: Large Serving Drink Recipes for Special Occasions

Many guests coming to your special event will expect a beverage of some variety. If you don’t want to deal with mixing individual drinks all night long, try one of these large serving crowd pleasers. [more…]

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