Gluten-Free Baking Tips & Tricks

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Gluten-Free Grain Alternatives

Even if you weren’t cooking gluten-free, you’d want to give these gluten-free ingredients a go. Not only are these gluten-free grains acceptable substitutes for the traditional grains like wheat, rye, [more…]

Tips for Creating Flaky Gluten-Free Pie Crusts

With a few tricks, you can make flaky gluten-free pie crusts with ease. Pie crust is all about the fat and the flour. Pie crust doesn’t need much leavening; what you want is tender flakiness. You create [more…]

Gluten-Free Baking at High Altitudes

Baking is tricky enough, but baking gluten-free products adds another layer of complexity. Now what happens if you live at a high altitude? Higher altitudes are problematic for baked goods because air [more…]

How to Cool Down Gluten-Free Baked Goods

Cooling methods are crucial to the success of baked goods, especially those that are gluten-free. The challenge of baking with gluten-free flours is that gluten is the main structure builder in baked goods [more…]

Ingredients that Add Structure to Gluten-Free Baked Goods

There are ingredients and methods for preparing gluten-free baked goods that can add structure and keep baked goods tender. You can build structure without gluten. Gluten-free baking has evolved over the [more…]

Basic Ratios for Gluten-Free Flours in Baked Goods

In the gluten-free baking world, recipes for baked goods like scones, cakes, and breads are often based on a ratio of gluten-free flours to sugar, liquids, eggs, and fat. If you follow these ratios, you [more…]

Tools and Supplies for Successful Gluten-Free Baking

You can find the tools and supplies you need to bake yummy, gluten-free recipes in most kitchens. Using these tools helps make the gluten-free baking process easier. You can locate these products in most [more…]

Tips for Making Flavorful Gluten-Free Cakes

You can easily make gluten-free cakes that are flavorful, light and fluffy, and with a soft and tiny crumb. Avoid tough and heavy gluten-free cakes by following these handy baking tips. [more…]

How to Bake Chewy or Crisp Gluten-Free Cookies

The only issue with baking gluten-free cookies is choosing the type of texture you want. Crisp or chewy? Do you want a crisp cookie or a chewy one? And how do you make cookies that are tender and moist [more…]

How to Build Structure and Strength in Gluten-Free Baked Goods

To recreate the texture, structure, and strength of gluten in gluten-free baked goods, you must use alternative flours to mimic gluten’s strength and elasticity. It is possible to build a nice structure [more…]

How to Retain Freshness in Gluten-Free Baked Goods

Wheat gluten is a key component in preventing staleness. To retain freshness and retard staling in gluten-free baked goods, choose higher-protein gluten-free flours. [more…]

How to Work with Gluten-Free Doughs

Several methods of making doughs and batters are used in gluten-free baking, and you usually need to corral the gluten-free doughs and batters in some way so they turn out like you want them to. Gluten-free [more…]

Examining Food Labels for Hidden Gluten

When you or a family member has a problem with gluten, you need to know how to examine food ingredient labels to find hidden gluten. You may even find yourself calling manufacturers to verify ingredients [more…]

How to Establish a Safe, Gluten-Free Kitchen

Before you bring gluten-free foods into your home, you have to clean the kitchen to safely remove anything that may contain gluten. Even a tiny crumb or some flour dust can contaminate gluten-free products [more…]

How to Thoroughly Clean a Gluten-Free Kitchen

Decontaminating a kitchen to make it gluten-free can be daunting—but critical for anyone who is gluten-intolerant. A single bread or cracker crumb contains a lot of gluten molecules. Whether your kitchen [more…]

Changing Wheat-Based Dough Recipes to Gluten-Free

Converting traditional wheat-based recipes to gluten-free recipes isn’t difficult, but you do need knowledge of dough structure, familiarity with alternative flours and starches, and practice with the [more…]

Tips for Mixing Gluten-Free Doughs and Batters

You prepare most gluten-free recipes the same way as traditional wheat recipes, although you can skip some steps when mixing gluten-free doughs and batters. For instance, adding liquid and flour alternatively [more…]

Getting Started with Gluten-Free Baking Mixes

One of the best and most efficient ways to bake gluten-free is to make some mixes with a combination of gluten-free flours and starches. Then all you need to do is add some water, milk, and sometimes an [more…]

Tips for Working with Yeast in Gluten-Free Baking

You may think that, on a gluten-free diet, your days of baking cinnamon rolls are gone forever. Not so! You can make sweet gluten-free yeast breads that are foolproof and delicious. [more…]

Tips for Making Delicious Gluten-Free Brownies and Bar Cookies

Brownies and bar cookies are some of the easiest gluten-free treats to make. You don’t have to form individual cookies; you just put the gluten-free batter or dough into a pan and bake. And they’re perfect [more…]

Tips for Making Gluten-Free Pies and Pastries

A light hand with pastry, which is essential when making wheat-based pie crusts and pastries, isn’t an issue with gluten-free recipes. Gluten-free pie crusts and pastries are automatically tender. The [more…]

Making the Best Gluten-Free Cakes and Frostings

A cake with frosting is a necessity for many celebrations. People who must avoid gluten may think that they can only enjoy ice cream cakes from now on. Not so! [more…]

Tips for Working with Gluten-Free Biscuits and Crackers

Biscuits and crackers are all made from doughs. Though they are typically made with wheat flour, you can use gluten-free flours to make treats that are easy and satisfying. Biscuits are usually made from [more…]

Tips for Making Gluten-Free Pizzas, Pies, and Calzones

Everyone loves pizzas, pies, and calzones. With gluten-free variations, you can still enjoy these treats whenever you want. Savory pies include quiches and pot pies. And calzones are stuffed pizzas, filled [more…]

Making the Best Gluten-Free Baked Entrée Recipes

Can you still enjoy dumplings, bread-topped casseroles, and soufflés on a gluten-free diet? Yes! These types of recipes are perhaps the easiest to adapt to gluten-free versions. Vegan cheeses work well [more…]


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