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Ways to Stretch Your Gluten-Free Food Budget

Chances are good that you don’t have a limitless food budget, and you may be shocked at the cost of gluten-free groceries when you set out on your first solo trip to the grocery store, especially if you [more…]

Student’s Gluten-Free Cookbook For Dummies Cheat Sheet

A gluten-free diet can improve your health if you’re sensitive to its effects on the body. Even without specific illnesses, many people feel less bloated and more focused and energetic when they stop consuming [more…]

Kitchen Supplies for Avoiding Cross-Contamination

To clean gluten out of your shared college kitchen, use disposable cleaning tools and supplies. Reusing a sponge, mop, or towel just spreads gluten-filled crumbs to other spots. Sharing kitchen tools with [more…]

Topping Ideas for Gluten-Free Pizza

When creating your own gluten-free pizza, your only limit is your imagination — and the ingredients you have handy. You can even make some crazy dessert pizzas. How about a s’more pizza with chocolate [more…]

Nine Take-It-with-You Dorm-Room Essentials for Gluten-Free Students

You’re all packed up and ready to begin college. You’re prepared to figure out where your gluten-free meals will come from, maybe for the first time, and you know you need to take responsibility for your [more…]

10 Good Things about Living Gluten-Free

If you’re going gluten-free because you have some form of gluten sensitivity, coeliac disease or dermatitis herpetiformis, you know the key to not feeling lousy is going gluten-free. For you, the benefits [more…]

Ten Tips for Going to College Gluten-Free

Many colleges and universities provide great gluten-free choices for students. You should find some level of accommodation made for students on special diets, including the gluten-free diet. However, it’s [more…]

Ten Simple Ways to Make a Recipe Gluten-Free

The easiest way to prepare a gluten-free meal is to follow a gluten-free recipe that’s already been tried and published by someone else who sweated out the details to get the ingredients and proportions [more…]

Ten Favorite Gluten-Free Product Lists

Many great new gluten-free products come on the market every month. Unfortunately, many products really aren’t so great — they taste gritty or strange or fall apart in a heap of crumbs. You can find these [more…]

Where You Can Find Gluten

Gluten shows up in most baked goods and processed foods because it helps dough rise and stick together. Gluten gives baked goods that fluffy, bready texture or a crispy, crackery crunch. Without it, foods [more…]

How to Choose Gluten-Free Alcohol Products

Some alcoholic beverages are unsafe for people on a gluten-free diet. These popular products are among the beverages to avoid: beers made from barley (unless they’re deglutenized), malt beverages [more…]

Make Sure Your Medications Are Gluten-Free

Gluten may be in medicine, vitamins, and herbal supplements, too! Finding out the source of each ingredient in medications is much more difficult than reading food labels because different regulations [more…]

Avoid Gluten in Cosmetics and Hair and Skincare Products

If you’re just trying out a gluten-free diet, you probably don’t need to worry about topical gluten; but if you’re gluten-free due to a medical condition, then what you put [more…]

How to Choose Naturally Gluten-Free Foods

The good news is that the list of foods you can eat on a gluten-free diet is much longer than the list of things you can’t. For starters, finding gluten-free replacements for almost all the gluten-containing [more…]

How to Stay Nourished on a Gluten-Free Diet

The gluten-free diet isn’t so much a diet as it is a lifestyle. If you have celiac disease, then permanently and exclusively eating gluten-free foods is the only treatment. Staying gluten-free is also [more…]

How to Prepare to Make Gluten-Free Meals

There are lots of details to manage when living gluten-free, but when you get down to it, it’s all about the food: shopping, cooking, and eating! Knowing what to buy and how to cook it is the key to a [more…]

Medical Reasons behind a Gluten-Free Diet

Going gluten-free may not seem so exciting and adventurous if a medical condition forces you into it and eating gluten-free suddenly becomes a long-term necessity. The most common medical reasons that [more…]

Improve Your General Health with a Gluten-Free Diet

Entire grocery aisles are dedicated to foods designated gluten-free, so eliminating gluten from your diet must be a smart move, right? Otherwise, why would anyone give up the “normal” version of so many [more…]

Maximize Athletic Performance with a Gluten-Free Diet

All kinds of great athletes are going gluten-free. When athletes with celiac disease and gluten sensitivity take gluten out of their diets, they typically see improvements in their performance because [more…]

The Symptoms of Gluten Intolerance

Celiac disease and gluten sensitivity motivate many people to seek gluten-free diets. People with these medical conditions have one thing in common: Eating gluten causes trouble in their bodies. The kind [more…]

How to Identify Food Intolerances

When people talk about a food intolerance or food sensitivity, they’re referring to a condition in which the body can’t completely process a food. A food allergy, [more…]

How to Overcome Emotional Obstacles to Going Gluten-Free

What if you have to go gluten-free? What if you just got a devastating diagnosis or have discovered that you function better without gluten and now you can’t imagine how you’re going to survive without [more…]

Resources for Gluten-Free Living

As a student with dietary restrictions, you face extra challenges. Maybe up until now, you've relied on your parents to keep your diet free of gluten. Now, however, it's up to you. Your parents might still [more…]

How to Date while on a Gluten-Free Diet

In an ideal world, you find a special someone who’s good-looking, funny, smart, caring, and also on a gluten-free diet. It can happen, but it’s not too likely. In fact, some people have to deal with a [more…]

You Can Eat Gluten-Free at Restaurants

Every day it seems like a new chain or local eatery is announcing a gluten-free menu. But menu or not, you can find great gluten-free food choices almost anywhere. [more…]

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