Understanding Diabetic Diets

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Knowing Your Personal Diabetic Meal Plan

Your personalized meal plan, which guides your daily choices for managing your diabetes with food, isn’t a menu, telling you exactly what to eat. Instead, it’s a framework, like a house under construction [more…]

Modifying the USDA MyPlate for Diabetes

In 2011, the USDA replaced its pyramid with MyPlate, a visual representation of relative portion sizes for different food groups in a dinner place setting, including a dinner plate and a separate section [more…]

Carb Portions and Your Diabetic Meal Plan

Carbohydrates — sugars, starches, and fiber — liberate single molecules of glucose during digestion, which are promptly absorbed directly into the bloodstream. When blood glucose levels begin to rise, [more…]

Pick the Perfect Protein for Your Diabetic Meal Plan

About 20 percent of your daily calories should come from protein, although your personalized diabetic meal plan could vary somewhat from that. Nevertheless, protein is an important macronutrient for building [more…]

Mix and Match Food Choices to Create Diabetic-Friendly Meals

You can choose foods from different categories to create a lunch that fits into your diabetes meal plan perfectly. The number of servings from each group will depend upon your daily calorie levels, but [more…]

Sneaky Foods That Might Derail Your Diabetic Meal Plan

Don’t misunderstand the word sneaky here — there’s nothing malicious about these foods. In fact, these are some great choices for your diabetes meal plan because they are complex, offering more than one [more…]

Diabetics Must Spread Carbohydrates throughout the Day

With diabetes, it’s important to spread your food, especially your daily carbohydrates, over time. Spreading your carbohydrates minimizes blood glucose spikes and gives your body an opportunity to bring [more…]

Southern Cuisine and Your Diabetic Meal Plan

It could be just a coincidence that a geographical area of the United States now labeled as the diabetes belt, where the rate of diabetes (mostly type 2) exceeds 12 percent of the population, is concentrated [more…]

The Conflict Between Diabetes and Latino Cuisine

In many ways, the conflict between diabetes and Mexican food is similar to the issues with traditional Southern and soul food — it’s mostly about what’s added. A standard Mexican dinner in an American [more…]

Incorporating Asian Food in Your Diabetic Meal Plan

At first glance, the American concept of Asian food would seem to be extremely healthy — stir-fry dishes are like a healthy salad that’s simply been cooked. It’s clearly possible to make or find very healthy [more…]

Incorporating Italian Food in Your Diabetic Meal Plan

It’s entirely likely that the American concept of Italian food is colored by the Americanization of Italian food. Nevertheless, when you eat Italian in America it’s carbohydrates and fat you need to manage [more…]

Modifying the Mediterranean Diet for Your Diabetic Meal Plan

The so-called Mediterranean diet is a perfect example of a diet you can live with, not a diet you’ll go on — the Mediterranean diet is a general pattern of eating. [more…]

Adapting the DASH Eating Plan for Your Diabetic Meal Plan

DASH is an acronym for “dietary approaches to stop hypertension.” DASH is an eating plan developed experimentally by the National Institutes of Health when that agency conducted clinical trials on three [more…]

Adapting a Vegetarian Diet to Your Diabetic Meal Plan

There is an impressive body of evidence demonstrating the effectiveness of a vegetarian diet in weight management, A1C improvement, increased insulin sensitivity, and cardiovascular health indicators. [more…]

Can the Weight Watchers Plan Fit in Your Diabetic Meal Plan?

Weight Watchers is a successful weight loss program that is not, by its own admission, “designed for those with diabetes.” However, successful weight loss can have profoundly positive effects on blood [more…]

Food-by-Mail Weight Loss Programs and Diabetes

Some weight loss programs claim to do all the work for you by delivering your meals already made. But, is doing all the work for weight loss the same as doing all the work for controlling blood glucose [more…]

The Atkins Diet and Diabetes Self-Management

The Atkins Diet, surely the best-known low-carbohydrate weight loss plan, is based on a theory that excess weight is mostly related to excess carbohydrates. And this eating plan may be attractive to people [more…]

Resist Diet Fads When Managing Your Diabetes

The cabbage soup diet of the 1980s is alive and well, apparently outliving cabbage patch dolls of the same period. But, those who own the original dolls may find they still have value — those who tried [more…]

How to Incorporate Your Heirloom Recipes in a Diabetic Meal Plan

Finding an eating plan that facilitates weight management, blood glucose control, and is heart healthy doesn’t mean everything about your old life goes on the trash heap. People have interesting relationships [more…]


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