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Diabetes Meal Planning & Nutrition For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Diabetes is a serious medical condition where your body cannot properly process foods to meet your energy demands and keep your blood glucose levels balanced. But, you can do a lot to help your body work [more…]

Using Leisure and Laughs as Good Medicine for Diabetes

You can use the health benefits of leisure and laughter to diabetes as your justification for a vacation or even a relaxing night with a funny movie. If that doesn't seem like an excuse anyone would really [more…]

Veggies — They're What's for Dinner

When diabetes is involved, the one thing you learn right away as you begin to seriously consider eating healthier is that Mom was right — eat your vegetables. You will hear that declaration more often [more…]

Personality Types and Diabetes Management

Successful diabetes self-management, including effective meal planning, is all about your attitudes and behaviors, and your personality plays a key role in how you deal with these important health-related [more…]

10 Diabetes and Nutrition Myths

Healthcare professionals could probably put together a list of 1,000 myths and inaccuracies surrounding diabetes, and new ones pop up regularly in patient interactions. Nutrition inaccuracies may not rise [more…]

Diabetes Meal Planning for the Metric-Challenged

It's a legitimate question: In the U.S., how does someone with diabetes come to grips with the crucial issues of nutrition when he suddenly finds himself expected to think about food as a gram of this [more…]

Corrected Daily Menus for a Diabetes Meal Plan

The errata document for Diabetes Meal Planning & Nutrition For Dummies corrects layout errors that occurred in the first printing of the book. For access to the errata, [more…]

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