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Adapting the DASH Eating Plan for Your Diabetic Meal Plan

DASH is an acronym for “dietary approaches to stop hypertension.” DASH is an eating plan developed experimentally by the National Institutes of Health when that agency conducted clinical trials on three [more…]

Adapting a Vegetarian Diet to Your Diabetic Meal Plan

There is an impressive body of evidence demonstrating the effectiveness of a vegetarian diet in weight management, A1C improvement, increased insulin sensitivity, and cardiovascular health indicators. [more…]

Can the Weight Watchers Plan Fit in Your Diabetic Meal Plan?

Weight Watchers is a successful weight loss program that is not, by its own admission, “designed for those with diabetes.” However, successful weight loss can have profoundly positive effects on blood [more…]

Food-by-Mail Weight Loss Programs and Diabetes

Some weight loss programs claim to do all the work for you by delivering your meals already made. But, is doing all the work for weight loss the same as doing all the work for controlling blood glucose [more…]

The Atkins Diet and Diabetes Self-Management

The Atkins Diet, surely the best-known low-carbohydrate weight loss plan, is based on a theory that excess weight is mostly related to excess carbohydrates. And this eating plan may be attractive to people [more…]

Resist Diet Fads When Managing Your Diabetes

The cabbage soup diet of the 1980s is alive and well, apparently outliving cabbage patch dolls of the same period. But, those who own the original dolls may find they still have value — those who tried [more…]

How to Incorporate Your Heirloom Recipes in a Diabetic Meal Plan

Finding an eating plan that facilitates weight management, blood glucose control, and is heart healthy doesn’t mean everything about your old life goes on the trash heap. People have interesting relationships [more…]

How to Analyze a Menu for Diabetic-Friendly Choices

If an occasion to eat at a restaurant comes up without time for preplanning, you can still make the healthier, diabetic-friendly choices. The biggest difference is that you’re making your choices surrounded [more…]

How Drinks and Bar Snacks Can Fit into Your Diabetic Meal Plan

Alcohol is not a carbohydrate, so alcohol doesn’t raise blood glucose levels directly; however, alcohol stores more energy per gram than the 4 calories per gram in carbohydrates or protein, and almost [more…]

Working Hors D’oeuvres, Appetizers, Bread, and Dessert into Your Diabetic Meal Plan

These are the foods that seem to find you, even if you’re trying to hide from them, especially hors d’oeuvres — with those little party bites it may seem there’s a conspiracy at work to put you face-to-face [more…]

Salad Bars and Your Diabetic Meal Plan

Since the appearance of salad bars in restaurants, people have often seen them as the healthy choice. Even though salad greens make a great foundation for a healthy meal, the range of ingredients available [more…]

Adding Coffee and Tea to Your Diabetic Meal Plan

Coffee and tea may be best known for delivering the stimulant caffeine, but evidence is mounting to support significant health benefits for both. On the caffeine point, coffee takes the prize, delivering [more…]

Soft Drinks and Flavored Waters and Your Diabetes Self-Management

Soft drinks are sometimes called soda, pop, soda pop, Coke, or something else, in large part depending upon where you happen to live. And, soft drinks have been around for a long, long time. Soft drinks [more…]

Sports and Energy Drinks and Diabetes

The advertising behind sports drinks is slightly different than for soft drinks. Sports drinks actually do provide benefits in carbohydrate replacement and in electrolyte replacement. But the need to quickly [more…]

The Impact of Nuts and Seeds on Your Diabetes Self-Management

Nuts and seeds may sound like professional advice for attracting squirrels to your yard, and there’s no doubt those fuzzy rodents would appreciate the consideration, but maybe squirrels know more about [more…]

Low-Carb Healthy Snacks for Your Diabetes Self-Management

You may be asking if there are low-calorie and low-carb snacks that you can incorporate in your diabetic-friendly diet. And, what about snacks that are more in the carbohydrate family — grains, fruit, [more…]

How Alternative Sweeteners Impact Your Diabetes

The term alternative sweetener refers to sweeteners that are alternative to sucrose, which is typical table sugar and primarily produced from sugarcane and beets. Sucrose in different forms is the sugar [more…]

How to Treat Hypoglycemia

Episodes of low blood glucose — hypoglycemia — are not uncommon for anyone taking insulin and can be a side effect of other pills or injectable medications used to treat type 2 diabetes. Left untreated [more…]

10 Diabetes “Power Foods”

Some foods are just big-time healthy, and with diabetes so closely connected to food and nutrition, these are the foods you want to incorporate into your daily eating habits. [more…]

10 Diabetes-Friendly Foods Costing Less Than $1

Much about managing diabetes can be costly, but food doesn’t need to be one of them. A diet that’s right for diabetes is a diet that’s right for virtually anyone, and there are enough foods that fit the [more…]

Living the Good Life: The Mediterranean Lifestyle and Diabetes

Although diet is an essential part of the Mediterranean lifestyle, there is much more to it than just the diet. Most of the way that people live their lives is consistent with prevention or amelioration [more…]

Exercise and Diabetes

Exercise is a key part of the foundation for the management of diabetes (the other parts of the foundation are diet and medication). Everyone with diabetes should exercise, but be sure to check with your [more…]

10 Myths About Diabetes

As you go through life with diabetes, you'll be exposed to many "experts" and different ideas about the best way to manage your disease. Before you make a major change in your diabetes program, run the [more…]

10 Ways to Enjoy a Meal and Be Diabetic

You can be diabetic and enjoy a meal just like every non-diabetic person out there does. Planning ahead and preparing everything from your ingredients to the mood of the room can help you have a successful [more…]

Diabetic-Friendly Recipes for Omelets and Frittatas

Omelets and frittatas (open-faced omelets) are among the best and easiest ways to get a burst of protein to start your day. Here are several flavorful recipes to keep your taste buds hopping. [more…]


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