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Pick the Right Prepackaged Food for Diabetes Self-Management

Prepackaged food simply means food that is packaged before sale. If you think about it, that covers most everything in the grocery, whether it comes in cans, bags, boxes, bottles, jars, vacuum packed, [more…]

Processed Foods and Diabetes Self-Management

The phrase processed food is a nutritional hot potato, generally viewed in an even more negative context than prepackaged food. But, processed foods are just foods that have been altered from their natural [more…]

What Does Organic Mean?

If prepackaged and processed foods are generally viewed in a negative light, then organic foods have the opposite reputation. But what does organic actually mean when referring to food? It turns out that [more…]

How to Pick Produce for Diabetes Self-Management

The produce section of the grocery store is the perfect place to start your shopping. OK, so you lose 30 minutes of freshness without refrigeration, and you have to be careful not to mash your fruit in [more…]

The Right Grains for Diabetes Self-Management

You may not think of bread, cereal, and crackers as grains, but of course the primary ingredient in these products is grain, or grain refined into flour. Like grains, bread, cereal, and crackers are carbohydrate [more…]

The Right Proteins for Diabetes Self-Management

Meat offers the highest quality, complete protein to your diet, but can also add unhealthy saturated fat that increases your risk for heart disease. Red meat, in particular, has also been associated with [more…]

The Role of Eggs and Dairy in Diabetes Self-Management

Two sources of high-quality dietary protein are eggs and dairy, and both have seen their share of controversy. For a time, eggs were outcasts due to their relatively high levels of cholesterol. But eggs [more…]

10 Healthy Food Swaps for Losing Weight

An elevated body mass index (BMI), where body weight to height falls into the overweight, obese, or even higher category on that scale, is very common among people with type 2 diabetes, and it isn’t just [more…]

Canned and Frozen Foods as Part of Diabetes Self-Management

When managing your diabetes, fresh foods are marvelous, but canned and frozen foods are, for the most part, equal in nutritional value. The nutrition profile of some foods, in fact, is improved in the [more…]

Pasta, Rice, and Legumes as Part of a Diabetic Diet

If you're diabetic, some of your healthiest food choices are grains and legumes (beans), main elements of the healthy Mediterranean diet and DASH eating plans. These foods are rich in nutrients, and some [more…]

Oils and Condiments Can Be Part of a Diabetic Diet

Chefs have preferred oils for cooking based upon the particular smoke point or other characteristic, but in everyday life the vegetable oils commonly available are fine for managing diabetes. Oils are [more…]

Best Snack Food Choices for Diabetics

Who doesn’t love crunchy snacks? If you do, it’s best to share your love only with the snacks that love you back, and that means studying the nutrition labels for fat, carbohydrate [more…]

Avoid Surprises in the “Health Foods” Aisle

Diabetics don’t really require any special health foods, but grocers often place some very useful foods in a location that suggests they’re special. Here’s what you might find in the health food aisle. [more…]

Knowing Your Personal Diabetic Meal Plan

Your personalized meal plan, which guides your daily choices for managing your diabetes with food, isn’t a menu, telling you exactly what to eat. Instead, it’s a framework, like a house under construction [more…]

Modifying the USDA MyPlate for Diabetes

In 2011, the USDA replaced its pyramid with MyPlate, a visual representation of relative portion sizes for different food groups in a dinner place setting, including a dinner plate and a separate section [more…]

Carb Portions and Your Diabetic Meal Plan

Carbohydrates — sugars, starches, and fiber — liberate single molecules of glucose during digestion, which are promptly absorbed directly into the bloodstream. When blood glucose levels begin to rise, [more…]

Pick the Perfect Protein for Your Diabetic Meal Plan

About 20 percent of your daily calories should come from protein, although your personalized diabetic meal plan could vary somewhat from that. Nevertheless, protein is an important macronutrient for building [more…]

Mix and Match Food Choices to Create Diabetic-Friendly Meals

You can choose foods from different categories to create a lunch that fits into your diabetes meal plan perfectly. The number of servings from each group will depend upon your daily calorie levels, but [more…]

Sneaky Foods That Might Derail Your Diabetic Meal Plan

Don’t misunderstand the word sneaky here — there’s nothing malicious about these foods. In fact, these are some great choices for your diabetes meal plan because they are complex, offering more than one [more…]

Diabetics Must Spread Carbohydrates throughout the Day

With diabetes, it’s important to spread your food, especially your daily carbohydrates, over time. Spreading your carbohydrates minimizes blood glucose spikes and gives your body an opportunity to bring [more…]

Southern Cuisine and Your Diabetic Meal Plan

It could be just a coincidence that a geographical area of the United States now labeled as the diabetes belt, where the rate of diabetes (mostly type 2) exceeds 12 percent of the population, is concentrated [more…]

The Conflict Between Diabetes and Latino Cuisine

In many ways, the conflict between diabetes and Mexican food is similar to the issues with traditional Southern and soul food — it’s mostly about what’s added. A standard Mexican dinner in an American [more…]

Incorporating Asian Food in Your Diabetic Meal Plan

At first glance, the American concept of Asian food would seem to be extremely healthy — stir-fry dishes are like a healthy salad that’s simply been cooked. It’s clearly possible to make or find very healthy [more…]

Incorporating Italian Food in Your Diabetic Meal Plan

It’s entirely likely that the American concept of Italian food is colored by the Americanization of Italian food. Nevertheless, when you eat Italian in America it’s carbohydrates and fat you need to manage [more…]

Modifying the Mediterranean Diet for Your Diabetic Meal Plan

The so-called Mediterranean diet is a perfect example of a diet you can live with, not a diet you’ll go on — the Mediterranean diet is a general pattern of eating. [more…]


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