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Fenugreek for Better Blood Glucose Control

Studies have shown some improvements in blood glucose control, and even reduced bad LDL cholesterol, among subjects with diabetes who were given fenugreek extracts. Fenugreek is a plant whose seeds provide [more…]

Cinnamon as Part of Your Diabetic Meal Plan

Recently, a few studies have suggested that cinnamon can be helpful in managing blood glucose levels. A study in Pakistan showed people with type 2 diabetes improved fasting blood glucose, blood triglycerides [more…]

How to Make the Right Choices at the Deli Counter

When you are trying to manage your diabetes, you should approach the deli counter with caution. When you approach the deli counter with its long rows of meats, cheeses, and salads, in most cases you do [more…]

The Importance of Magnesium in Diabetes Management

Low levels of magnesium have been associated with type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome, and low levels may contribute to the formation of calcium plaques in arteries, a risk for heart attack. Having [more…]

What Is the Glycemic Index/Glycemic Load?

The glycemic index of carbohydrate containing foods was originally developed in 1981 at the University of Toronto. Recognizing that different foods affect blood glucose differently, researchers fed carbohydrate [more…]

Counting Carbs as Part of a Diabetic Diet

Without getting into the deep water of randomized control trials and statistical meta analyses, it’s fair to say that managing the total carbohydrate content of meals is still considered the most effective [more…]

Insulin Bolus Dosing

Everyone with type 1 diabetes takes insulin with meals to compensate for the carbohydrate total of the meal. You may take an injection, or you may initiate a bolus from your insulin pump. Some people with [more…]

Whole Foods Put the Right Carbs on Your Plate

Eat more whole foods for a diabetes-friendly meal plan. Whole foods is a term often defined as unrefined and unprocessed foods, or foods that are refined or processed as little as possible before consumption [more…]

Tools and Gadgets Needed for Your Diabetes-Friendly Kitchen

If you don’t own an egg cuber, razor-sharp pizza shears, a culinary torch, a Swiss corn zipper, and a truffle shaver, you will never make the cut as an Iron Chef. Fortunately, the equipment standards for [more…]

Plan Your Pantry for a Diabetes-Friendly Kitchen

One trick to eating healthier is keeping healthier choices around — how simple is that? The truth is that even the most detailed plans, including your menu, need to be adjusted sometimes, even if it’s [more…]

How Nutrition Facts Labels Can Help Manage Your Diabetes

Understanding nutrition facts labels for diabetes meal planning and nutrition starts with ignoring some of the information. In the United States as well as in many other countries, nutrition facts labels [more…]

Calculating Portion Sizes for Diabetes-Related Nutrition

For diabetes-related nutrition the emphasis is on 15-gram portions of total carbohydrate, also known as a carb choice, or a starch, milk, or fruit exchange. Carbohydrates have a direct effect on blood [more…]

Referencing the Right Resources for Diabetes Meal Management

Healthy eating to manage blood glucose and the risks for diabetes-related complications requires some thinking and preparation. Fortunately, there are credible resources that can help immensely. A pocket-sized [more…]

Create the Right Environment for Diabetes-Friendly Meals

Establishing an environment that minimizes the food-related temptations, which are reinforced by your working brain’s chemical stew, could start by moving to the far reaches of Alaska or Wyoming, and declining [more…]

Make Time for Healthy Eating in Your Diabetic Meal Planning

Healthy eating involves time to plan, shop, prepare food, and keep yourself motivated. When you have committed to healthy eating the time spent on this commitment becomes, by definition, important. When [more…]

Accept Inconvenience When Committing to Diabetes Self-Management

Inconvenience, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. The intent of this discussion about fully committing to diabetes self-management and healthy eating is to elevate the importance of this task [more…]

Eat at Home More Often for Diabetes Self-Management

You only need to browse the nutrition information provided on the websites of your favorite restaurants to get an idea of how difficult it can be to eat healthy when eating out. Just scan the sodium content [more…]

Time Your Meals Right for Diabetes Self-Management

To say that timing is everything may apply better to stock market trades or hitting a baseball than to eating with diabetes, but the timing of your meals and snacks and medication can be important in several [more…]

Decline Deprivation in Diabetes Self-Management

If a new focus on healthy eating for diabetes management is going to take root and grow, then feeling deprived of food that satisfies your taste buds or an adequate amount of food can’t be part of the [more…]

Have Reasonable Expectations for Your Diabetes Self-Management

Want to know the surest and quickest way to become completely disenchanted with your diabetes management efforts? Simply expect perfection, and wait a day or two. [more…]

A Health Journal Is Important for Diabetes Self-Management

Recording what you eat, what time you ate it, what your blood glucose readings are at what time, when you take your medication, how much activity you got, if you are ill and even your mood can provide [more…]

How to Use Blood Glucose Readings

Having the capacity to get an accurate reading of your own blood glucose level in a few seconds, at home, was a significant advance in diabetes care, and undoubtedly has literally saved lives among people [more…]

Start Healthy Meal Planning for Diabetes Self-Management

Meal planning for diabetes starts by developing your menu and collecting the foods that make up your meals, and there is a wide range of possible destinations that offer everything you need. Although the [more…]

Take a List When Shopping for Diabetic-Friendly Foods

There’s no doubt that you can visit a grocery and come home with a lot of food, but without a plan the outcome may be less than ideal. Your plan is your shopping list. [more…]

Stretching Your Budget When Shopping for Diabetic-Friendly Foods

There is food that’s clearly beneficial to your health, especially when you have diabetes, and there’s food that’s better avoided. Getting a great deal on food you should best avoid isn’t such a great [more…]


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