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How to Use the BRAT Diet When Your Toddler Is Sick

Doctors have recommended the BRAT diet for years, which helps when a toddler has an upset stomach. With the BRAT diet, you increase your child’s fluid intake and offer foods that naturally help with the [more…]

How to Make Basic Vegetable and Fruit Purees for Baby

You can make baby food from just about any fresh vegetable or fruit by pureeing them. Homemade baby food purees from fruits and vegetables are easy to make and nutritious. Before you begin cooking, be [more…]

Common Child Food Allergy Triggers

Some certain foods tend to trigger food allergies in children. Don’t get carried away and feed your baby new foods too quickly or feed foods that are known allergens until your baby reaches age 1. A baby’s [more…]

How to Cook with Your Small Child

You can introduce your child to the joys of cooking at an early age. If your child is old enough (no babies allowed!), he or she can help you cook. When you cook with your child, you want the event to [more…]

Food Pyramid for Young Children

Gone is the old food pyramid you grew up with, but the new pyramid the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) recommends you use to plan meals for babies and toddlers is a fantastic resource. The following [more…]

Foods to Avoid during Baby’s First Year

When it comes to planning meals for your baby, all foods aren’t created equal. Be sure to steer clear of the common problem foods in the following list. They’re the ones that can cause serious allergic [more…]

Helpful Foods for Common Childhood Ailments

When your child is sick, follow the advice of your doctor (of course). In addition, you can plan to feed your baby or toddler nourishing meals to promote a speedy recovery. Along with any medicine the [more…]

Staple Foods for Feeding Your Baby and Toddler

Grocery shopping for the ingredients for healthful meals for your baby or toddler isn’t the easiest task. The following list contains perishable and nonperishable foods you’ll want to have on hand, so [more…]

Baby & Toddler Meals For Dummies Cheat Sheet

You can tap into many resources when it comes to planning meals for your baby or toddler. Babies younger than 2 years old have some special dietary don’ts you need to know about. For recommendations on [more…]

How to Identify Milk Allergies in Babies

Some babies have to avoid milk-based infant formulas because they’re allergic to cow’s milk. Specifically, they’re allergic to one of the proteins in cow’s milk. Casein is one example of a milk protein [more…]

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