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Wheat-Free: Make a Meal of Salads

The best way to make a hearty entree salad on your wheat-free diet is to incorporate a protein. Adding beef, chicken, or seafood to any salad makes you feel like you've had a full dinner every time. Make [more…]

Wheat-Free Diet with Vegetables

If variety is the spice of life, then recipes for vegetables in your wheat-free diet will make your life plenty spicy (figuratively speaking, of course). [more…]

How to Eat More Veggies on a Wheat-Free Diet

One of the tenants of a healthy diet, besides being wheat-free, is a heavy emphasis on non-starchy vegetables such as the ones mentioned throughout this book. People sometimes associate a grain-free, sugar-free [more…]

What to Look for in Wheat-Free Restaurants

You need some kind of guideline for determining whether an establishment can provide the wheat-free service you need, whether you're perusing a menu online or at the restaurant or calling to speak with [more…]

Enjoy Wheat-Free International Cuisines

The more wheat-sensitive you are, the more you need the restaurant staff to understand your situation. If the language barrier is too great to overcome, you can politely leave and find a restaurant where [more…]

Choose Wheat-Free Items from a Restaurant Menu

Even with the best of intentions dining out wheat-free, you'll inevitably find yourself in a situation where calling the restaurant or looking online ahead of time isn't possible. Knowing what to look [more…]

How to Choose a Restaurant for Wheat-Free Dining

Although having a meal out that's all wheat-free, organic, grass-fed, wild-caught, is prepared without vegetable oil, and contains little or no wheat or sugar [more…]

How to Do Wheat-Free Travel

Eating wheat-free and traveling can be difficult without planning. At first, traveling to a foreign place and eating different food in unfamiliar restaurants seems like an impossible task. However, planning [more…]

How to Approach Wheat-Free Holidays

Some of the most challenging times you experience on your wheat-free journey include eating with people who haven't seen the wheat-free light (at least not yet). What do you do when meal preparation is [more…]

How to Eat Wheat-Free at Family Celebrations

Family celebrations and holidays can be a tough time to eat wheat-free, besides being a time to come together with family and friends and rejoice in the occasion. However, with these celebrations come [more…]

Wheat-Free at Work Functions and Business Dinners

The last thing you need to be stressed out about at a work function is what you're going to eat that is wheat-free. Work functions and business dinners are for gathering with coworkers you seldom see, [more…]

Wheat-Free: Strict Avoidance or the Occasional Indulgence?

Celebrations and holidays have a way of dragging on for days and weeks, and they can wreak havoc on your wheat-free diet if you're not ready. Think about all the wedding showers, parties, and dinners leading [more…]

How to Eat and Drink Wheat-Free at the Bar

When you’re changing to a wheat-free lifestyle or diet, it’s important to think about not only what you eat, but what you drink. Whether you're meeting for drinks after work or over a business dinner to [more…]

How to Talk About Being Wheat-Free

Having conversations about your new wheat-free diet can become one of the most rewarding and frustrating aspects of your change experience. Some people will ask you legitimate scientific questions, while [more…]

How Exercise Enriches a Wheat-Free Lifestyle

One of the toughest things to do, especially when researching and implementing a special diet like wheat-free, is carve out time in your already-hectic schedule to exercise. But it's one of the most important [more…]

Cholesterol, Heart Disease, and Wheat Consumption

You've just left the doctor's office after discussing your wheat-free diet and now can't remember what the heck he told you. You recall something about needing to watch this number or that number and the [more…]

Wheat Consumption and the Lipid Panel

You might want to know how your wheat-free diet can improve your health. Your annual physical will nearly always yield a basic lipid panel, a blood test measuring overall cholesterol, LDL [more…]

Understand Your LDL-P Level on a Wheat-Free Diet

Read on to find out how wheat consumption can affect your cholesterol levels. Probably the best test for LDL particle number is called the nuclear magnetic resonance [more…]

Wheat-Free Lifestyle: What Does Your Lipid Panel Say?

Does cutting out wheat from your diet help your heart? Don’t forget the need to look at the big picture when evaluating lipid panel results. That's not only because the individual numbers aren't necessarily [more…]

Health Tests for a Wheat-Free Lifestyle

When you are talking to your doctor about a wheat-free diet, you might try a few other tests in addition to the nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) test. These tests indicate your risk factor for heart disease [more…]

Do You Need Additional Nutrients on a Wheat-Free Diet?

Replacing the wheat, grains, processed sugar, and vegetable oils in your diet with high-quality, nutrient-dense foods ups your vitamin content tremendously. Packaged food is so highly processed that manufacturers [more…]

Wheat-Free: Tests for the Thyroid

What do you need to know about the thyroid on a wheat-free diet? Research has shown that underactive thyroid, also known as subclinical hypothyroidism, [more…]

10 Benefits of Living Wheat-Free

Here’s a list of ten ways giving up wheat can prevent or slow various maladies. Many people claim these conditions are an inevitable part of aging, but those people have probably never seen what aging [more…]

10 Pitfalls to Avoid when You Have a Wheat Sensitivity

Stepping outside of your normal eating routine can pose challenges to your wheat-free diet. Any one or group of sabotaging factors can affect your wheat-free lifestyle, but by developing a plan specific [more…]

10 Nutrient-Dense Foods to Include in Your Wheat-Free Diet

Every household has its go-to foods, yours should fit the wheat-free lifestyle (which also means cutting down on other grains and sugar and eliminating vegetable oils). Here are some nutrient powerhouses [more…]


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