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Foods You Can and Can’t Eat on a Wheat-Free Diet

When you're setting up your wheat-free diet, you need to know what to look for specifically in regard to the condition you're treating. A wheat- or grain-free diet is just that: foods with no wheat or [more…]

Wheat-Free: How the Body Processes Food

To understand how wheat affects your body, you need to understand how your body breaks down food, processes it, and distributes the resulting elements to be used as energy or stored for later use: [more…]

Your Body's Response to Eating Wheat

Probably the biggest obstacle to achieving success on a wheat-free lifestyle is wrapping your head around the fact that wheat isn't good for you. If you're in your 50s or younger, you've heard the “eat [more…]

Do You Need Replacements for Wheat Fiber?

Many people wonder whether they'll lack the required amount of fiber if they cut wheat and other grains from their diets. The short answer is “absolutely not!” In fact, some of the healthier foods you're [more…]

Wheat's Vitamin and Mineral Shortcomings

The problem with eating a diet high in wheat and grains is that they squeeze out calories and nutrients from other foods without fully replacing them. The nutrients in milled/processed grains have low [more…]

Wheat and Leaky Gut Syndrome

Wheat in diets has been linked to gut permeability, also known as leaky gut, which started out as just a theory in the alternative medicine crowd but has since been proven to be a real and measurable syndrome [more…]

Are Whole Grains Healthy?

Say the words whole grain, and most people immediately think “healthy.” That response is so ingrained (pardon the pun) in conventional wisdom that accepting a wheat-free lifestyle has to begin with a huge [more…]

Wheat and Your Metabolism

People looking at wheat-free diets, for multiple reasons, might be interested in whether the diet will cause them to lose or gain weight. As with most things with the body, the weight-gain picture is way [more…]

The Symptoms of and Treatments for Leaky Gut

Leaky gut, which is linked to eating wheat, can be difficult to get diagnosed because its symptoms are wide ranging and can seem unrelated to each other. Here's a partial list of ailments that may be signs [more…]

Wheat and Health Risks: Heart Conditions

The negative effects of eating wheat are wide ranging. It has a part in gut damage, but eating wheat can also impact your heart, brain, and skin.

Many people are surprised to learn that wheat, sugar, and [more…]

Grains and Health Risks: Brain Inflammation

You might already know how wheat consumption can increase levels of zonulin, which causes the blood-brain barrier to allow unwanted particles through and leads to inflammation. Science has shown a link [more…]

Withdrawal Symptoms of Going Wheat-Free

Change is tough, especially when it comes to your diet and going wheat-free. How many times have you set out to modify your food intake only to see your good intentions crash and burn because of an obstacle [more…]

The Challenges of Going Wheat-Free

So you're ready to make a change in your life by getting rid of wheat in your diet but aren't quite sure how to go about making the change last. Never fear; the change process isn't so dreadful after all [more…]

The Process of Changing to a Wheat-Free Diet

Changing to a wheat-free diet requires mental andbehavioral preparations. One decision can change your life forever. Hopefully, the health consequences of a wheat-filled diet have piqued your interest [more…]

3 Ways to Stay Motivated on a Wheat-Free Diet

Few people can decide to change their diet and then just do it. You'll probably want to find ways to stay motivated to increase your chances of success with a wheat- or grain-free diet. Try applying the [more…]

Keep Yourself Accountable on a Wheat-Free Diet

Your actions follow your thoughts. After you begin to change how you think about food, and wheat and grains, you'll find it easier to change your behaviors. Here are some behavioral changes that can help [more…]

Pairing Paleo with Wheat-Free Diets

The dietary principles of a Paleo lifestyle align pretty closely with those of a wheat/grain-free lifestyle. You eat simple foods and avoid processed ones. For example, Paleo-friendly proteins should be [more…]

Living Vegetarian and Wheat-Free

At first glance, it may seem contradictory to mention a wheat/grain-free, low-carb lifestyle and vegetarianism in the same sentence. Vegetarianism is all about carbs, particularly when you stick primarily [more…]

Wheat-Free and Other Dietary Philosophies

The following philosophies and diets aren't followed as widely as the plain wheat-free diet. However, you may already follow one of the plans listed here, so they are included to give you an idea of how [more…]

Merging Wheat-Free with Common Diets

How does eliminating wheat and grains affects other popular dietary choices? In some cases, the dual diets work well together. In other instances, adopting a particular diet is unnecessary if you're eating [more…]

Nutrition Facts and Wheat-Free Foods

For the purposes of living wheat-free, you need to focus mostly on the listings in the following sections. The nutrition facts label exists to simplify your understanding of what a food contains, although [more…]

How to Check Ingredients for Wheat and Gluten

If a food product has “wheat” in the name — for example, wheat crackers — you can be pretty certain the item contains wheat. (One exception: buckwheat, which isn't wheat or even a grain at all.) Otherwise [more…]

Clean Out the Kitchen and Go Wheat-Free

Once you’ve decided to go wheat-free or gluten-free, you’ll need to clean out your kitchen of food you don’t want to eat anymore. For some people, wrapping their brains around throwing away unspoiled food [more…]

Wheat-Free at the Grocery Store

With a knowledge of what ingredients contain wheat, grains, or gluten, you're ready to focus on ones that should be eating. The grocery store becomes a more manageable proposition when you're wheat-free [more…]

Wheat-Free Breakfast Ideas

A typical breakfast in the United States is a wheat feast, usually accompanied by lots and lots of sugar. How a piece of whole-wheat toast with jelly, or a bowl of sugary cereal, and a glass of fruit juice [more…]


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