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Preparing to Eliminate Wheat from Your Diet

Eliminating wheat from your diet is a significant decision, so you should prepare yourself for this dietary change. Preparation for wheat-free living means identifying your priorities so you can stay motivated [more…]

Substituting Healthy Ingredients for Wheat

When people consider giving up wheat, they often think about all the wheat-filled foods and ingredients they love. "I'd have to give up too many of my favorite foods, [more…]

Ordering from Room Service on a Wheat-Free Diet

If you're on a business trip or at a conference and want to be discreet about your wheat-free or grain-free lifestyle, ordering room service may be the best way to get a meal suitable for your dietary [more…]

10 Foods You Thought Were Healthy but Aren't

You obviously avoid wheat-based products when you adopt a wheat-free lifestyle. Experts also recommend that you avoid processed foods containing sugar and vegetable oils. However, that runs counter to [more…]

Choosing Restaurants that Suit a Wheat-Free Lifestyle

More and more restaurants are reaching beyond their traditional customer bases to tap into the market of those who can't or don't eat wheat, grain, or gluten. This shift has increased in the number gluten-free [more…]

Recognizing Wheat's Many Pseudonyms

Spotting wheat in an ingredients list can be more difficult than it may appear. Wheat has many different forms and names and can appear multiple times in the same list. Acquainting yourself with the following [more…]

Knowing Other Names for Sugar

To take full advantage of the health benefits of a wheat-free lifestyle, experts recommend that you also eliminate as much processed sugar as possible. One of wheat's worst effects is that it causes an [more…]

Living Wheat-Free For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Living a wheat-free lifestyle means eliminating wheat from your diet. To get the most health benefits, you should also cut back on the amount of processed sugar you consume. When you follow these guidelines [more…]

A Brief History: What’s Wrong with Wheat?

The scientific information is mounting about the detrimental effects of wheat and other grains. Wheat does seem to cause the most sensitivity for most people, for many reasons. With that said, you might [more…]

The Health Effects of Wheat and Gluten

“Healthy whole grains” are everywhere, but is it true? Manufacturers are quick to slap that label across the front of a box regardless of what else is in the product in hopes of convincing consumers that [more…]

Compare a Wheat-Free Lifestyle to Other Diets

Is becoming wheat-free a diet or a lifestyle change? At some point in time, you or someone you know begins the daunting task of losing weight in order to look and feel better, or for better health. For [more…]

Lasting Change on a Wheat-Free Diet

Putting a wheat-free eating plan into action has its challenges, especially when it involves creating new, healthy routines and dropping old, unhealthy ones such as comfort eating. But, no matter how tough [more…]

Wheat-Free Diet and Special Situations

After you gather all the information you need to get started on your wheat- and grain-free adventure, you can apply it to your daily routine. But sometimes situations pop up that challenge your new lifestyle [more…]

Monitor Your Wheat-Free Progress

Some effects of a wheat- and sugar-free diet, such as weight loss and a general feeling of well-being, are pretty noticeable. But how do you know whether your blood sugar or cholesterol numbers have improved [more…]

Going Wheat-Free: A Quick-Start Guide

You’re probably going to want to look for detailed information about how and why you want to go wheat-free. To whet your wheat-free appetite, though, here's an abridged version of how to accomplish your [more…]

Traditional Wheat vs. Modern Wheat

You are not eating your grandfather’s wheat. The days of wheat blowing tall in the wind are gone. Dwarf and semi-dwarf wheat (shorter varieties created to help combat world hunger) comprise more than 99 [more…]

The Consumption Explosion of Wheat and Its Effects

The differences between the wheat of yesteryear and the wheat used in processed foods today explain the negative effects modern wheat has on the body. To avoid these negative effects, all you have to do [more…]

Subsidized Wheat: Good for Mankind?

An important turn in the history of wheat and mankind was wheat subsidies. During the Great Depression, the U.S. government offered subsidies to farmers to prevent them from going bankrupt. The government [more…]

Wheat and Gluten — Are They the Same?

You've probably heard a lot about wheat and gluten and their detrimental effects on the human body; these two can pack a powerful punch. Understanding who these two culprits are and where to find them [more…]

Wheat-Related Allergies and Diseases

Your body may or may not be able to handle wheat, grains, and gluten. If you can't handle them, your body reacts in one of three ways: [more…]

Celiac Disease, Gluten, and Diet

Celiac disease is a condition that damages the lining in the small intestine when you eat gluten. Celiac disease can be life-threatening for those who suffer from it. [more…]

Wheat’s Links to Health Epidemics

Here are the alarming statistics resulting from the increased consumption of wheat and how it has contributed to the health problems of the U.S. population. [more…]

A Growing Epidemic: Wheat and Obesity

Wheat might be partly behind the growing epidemic of obesity. When people reminisce about growing up in the 1940s or 1950s, they talk about meals consisting of pasture-raised meats; vegetables from the [more…]

Wheat Intolerance vs Wheat Allergy

Wheat intolerances are much more common than wheat allergies. A wheat intolerance means your digestive system can't break down wheat-containing foods; it leads to gastric distress and other uncomfortable [more…]

What Foods to Avoid on a Wheat-Free Diet

While you’re investigating your wheat-free diet, part of your plan will be knowing what to look for specifically in regard to the condition you're treating. A wheat- or grain-free diet is just that: foods [more…]


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