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Berry, Rhubarb, and Ginger Smoothie

This Berry, Rhubarb, and Ginger Smoothie is packed with foods that help to reduce belly bloat. Ginger has a thermogenic(heat producing) effect that aids in digestion, and cinnamon contains an ingredient [more…]

Frosty Strawberry-Peanut Butter Milk

Strawberry milk sounds like such a kids' treat, but grownups can indulge too! This flat-belly version is made with frozen strawberries and natural peanut butter. If you have a peanut allergy [more…]

Chocotini Cocktail

This Chocotini recipe makes the perfect cocktail for the flat-belly diet. A chocolate-flavored martini certainly sounds decadent, but here, coconut water lightens the drink, while a touch of coffee intensifies [more…]

Blueberry and Mint Spritzer

This belly-fat recipe for Blueberry and Mint Spritzer makes a beautiful cocktail that's wonderful on a hot summer day. Club soda added right before serving creates a refreshing, spritzy sensation. Make [more…]

Tropicolada Cocktail

In this flat-belly cocktail recipe, you blend frozen mango and pineapple with rum and coconut milk to create a creamy drink that's fit for an armchair trip to the tropics. Coconut extract offers all the [more…]

Crispy Coconut Shrimp with Orange Dipping Sauce

Traditionally, coconut shrimp gets its crunch from deep-fat frying. In this flat-belly recipe, however, crushed cereal provides the crunch while oven cooking cuts the fat. The quick dipping sauce, made [more…]

Berry Baked Apples for Your Flat Belly Diet

This flat belly recipe for baked apples is super quick and easy because you prepare it in your microwave. Cinnamon is a natural spice for this fruity snack or dessert. [more…]


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