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Leave These Foods Out of Your Gluten-Free Eating

The key to a gluten-free diet is knowing what to avoid — whether you're dining out or making meals at home. Luckily, the list of forbidden foods for a gluten-free diet is a lot shorter than the list of [more…]

Gluten-Free Know-How: What Are Other Names for Wheat?

How to Snack Gluten-Free

Your gluten-free diet can satisfy your appetite for snacks — whether you're looking for guilty indulgences or healthy nibbles between meals. Although you still need to check ingredients carefully, gluten-free [more…]

Celiac Disease and Other Autoimmune Conditions

Celiac disease is an autoimmune disease itself and is associated other autoimmune diseases, which means that if you have one of the following conditions, you may want to be tested for a sensitivity to [more…]

Health Issues Associated with Celiac Disease

Opting out of a gluten-free diet can increase your risk for larger health problems if you have celiac disease or gluten sensitivity. Certain conditions are associated with celiac disease and if you don’t [more…]

How Gluten Attacks the Intestine in Celiacs

When someone with celiac disease eats the gluten found in wheat, rye, or barley, everything goes along just fine until the gluten reaches the small intestine. [more…]

How to Get Fiber on a Gluten-Free Diet

Fiber is key to keeping the gastrointestinal plumbing moving smoothly, which is especially important if you have celiac disease or if you are sensitive to gluten. [more…]

How the Gluten-Free Diet Fosters Weight Loss

Weight loss weighs heavily on many people's minds. The good news is that the gluten-free diet may be the key to losing and maintaining a healthy weight. [more…]

How to Gain Weight on the Gluten-Free Diet

Some people who have celiac disease or gluten sensitivity are underweight because their gluten issues prevent them from absorbing nutrients. So you may actually need to gain weight to be at the peak of [more…]

How to Gain Athletic Advantage by Being Gluten-Free

Some athletes are afraid to go gluten-free because they’re worried they won’t get enough carbohydrates in their diets to sustain their intense energy needs. Carbs before, during, and after training or [more…]

How to Avoid Gluten Cross-Contamination in Your Kitchen

When you’re sharing a kitchen with gluten, gluten can contaminate (or glutenate?) your food in several ways. Crumbs seem to throw themselves off gluten-containing breads and other foods, turning perfectly [more…]

How to Use Kitchen Tools in a Gluten/Gluten-Free Kitchen

You don’t need to buy a separate set of pots, pans, tools, and utensils if you’re preparing gluten-free meals alongside foods with gluten, but you do need to pay attention to how you use the ones you have [more…]

The Solution for Toast in a Gluten/Gluten-Free Kitchen

If you’ve ever looked inside a toaster or toaster oven you know that they’re full of crumbs, some of which probably contain gluten if you’re sharing a kitchen with gluten. That means your gluten-free bread [more…]

How to Spread Bread the Gluten-Free Way

If you share your kitchen with gluten, you'll want to master the action of the gob drop — a critical maneuver to avoid contamination with crumbs that are not gluten-free. [more…]

Cooking Basics: IBS-Friendly Foods to Keep in Stock

Having IBS often means you’re doing more cooking — but some days you just want some fuss-free food. Keep your pantry well-stocked with IBS-friendly staples — basic ingredients for cooking and ready-to-go [more…]

Fighting IBS by Reading Food Labels

Checking ingredient lists on food labels for everything you buy and eat is crucial to controlling IBS; the label can help identify possible IBS trigger foods. Look for simple ingredient lists — the fewer [more…]

Substituting Common IBS Trigger Foods

Finding IBS-friendly substitutions for favorite foods that trigger your symptoms is often a high priority when you’re eating with IBS. Never fear: The following list helps you substitute some of the most [more…]

Foods that May Relieve IBS Symptoms

Some foods can provide relief from IBS-C and IBS-D attacks. Use your intuition and what you know about your personal condition to decide which of the following food remedies make the most sense to try. [more…]

IBS Cookbook For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Decrease symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) by cooking and eating the right foods. Living with IBS-C or -D can be a challenge, but you’re not resigned to accepting flare-ups. You can treat and [more…]

Living with Diabetes: How to Improve Eating Habits

You can take simple steps to improve your eating habits for healthier living with diabetes. Follow these simple tips to make a difference in your health: [more…]

Food Terms that Indicate Fat Content

Managing diabetes means controlling the amount of fat that you eat. Food terms in recipes and menu items can help you identify high-fat and low-fat foods. Understanding these terms will help you determine [more…]

Diabetes Cookbook For Dummies Cheat Sheet

When you have diabetes, you need to monitor your health closely — including what you eat, how much you eat, and how much you should eat. Managing diabetes means knowing your ideal weight, body mass index [more…]

Handy Tips to Reduce the GL

Having some handy tips and pointers when trying to lower your glycaemic load means that you need never get it wrong. Here’s a helpful list of things to remember. [more…]

Starchy Staples: Helpful Low-GL Alternatives

Use this table to find out which starchy foods to avoid, and discover tasty low-GL alternatives. Keep it handy, so you’re never left wondering if you’ve made the right choices! [more…]

Low-GL Seasonal Fruit and Vegetables

Good news: on the glycaemic load diet, you can indulge in hundreds of beautiful, scrumptious fruits and veggies. Check out this guide to what’s in season when. [more…]

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