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Low-Glycemic Grilled Garlic-Lime Tenderloin

The good news for you meat lovers out there is all animal-protein is low glycemic. Build a meal with this star piece of beef grilled to perfection with a hint of lime and garlic. Serve with your favorite [more…]

Low-Glycemic Lemon Chicken Salad

Chicken Salad is a great low glycemic lunch or dinner that you can pair with a tossed green salad, a slice of sourdough bread or some rye crackers. Prepare it ahead and have it ready for lunch the next [more…]

Low-Glycemic Fish Tacos

You can make fish tacos for a fun evening dinner or a lunch. Use small corn or whole-wheat tortillas to assure you stay low to medium glycemic. Serve it up with your favorite low glycemic toppings! [more…]

How to Make Low-Glycemic Potato Salad

Following a low-glycemic diet doesn't mean you have to forsake classic barbeque and picnic favorites like potato salad. True, russet potatoes have a higher-glycemic index than table sugar, making them [more…]

Making Low-Glycemic Snacks at Home: Recipes for Success

Although store-bought snacks are handy to have on hand, you can actually prepare many low-glycemic snacks in the comfort of your home. The following recipes are some great ones to make for your family [more…]

How to Choose and Prepare Lower-Glycemic Treats and Desserts

Most people like eating sweets, especially after dinner. This behavior is actually a ritual for some folks, something they've been conditioned to do since a young age. However, most treats and desserts [more…]

The Basics of Cooking Whole Foods

Not a chef? Hardly ever boil water? No problem because you don't need to be a five-star chef! The idea that preparing whole foods has become down-right scary, if you're not used to doing it. The reality [more…]

How to Prep Whole Foods for Cooking

Food prep like chopping vegetables or marinating some chicken for your meal is really the most time consuming part of cooking meals at home. When you look at a meal like chili or stew, it's really so simple [more…]

Flavor Combinations to Add Pizzazz to Low-Glycemic Meals

Learning a few good flavor combinations can make meal preparation quite easy. You don't have to cook long, drawn-out recipes to make simple sides with lots of flavor. Using fresh herbs, strong cheeses, [more…]

3 Easy Throw-Together Low-Glycemic Meals

Whether you are a solid home cook or you've never boiled water, it's always helpful to have a few sample throw-together meals handy. Preparing and cooking healthy meals at home isn't necessarily time consuming [more…]

How to Make Low-Glycemic Chicken and Tuna Salads

Being prepared for your lunches at the beginning of the week can actually save you more time during your busy weekdays and help you stay on track with your weight-loss plan. Make a batch of chicken or [more…]

How to Make Low-Glycemic Casseroles

Casseroles are a great timesaving make-ahead lunch option, especially if you prefer a hot lunch to cold salads or sandwiches. Casseroles often take a little more time to prepare, but they're usually still [more…]

How to Make Low-Glycemic Tacos and Burritos

Tacos and burritos are ideal for quick, healthy low-glycemic lunches. Tortillas, specifically the whole wheat and corn varieties, are lower-glycemic, making them a better choice than higher-glycemic breads [more…]

How to Make Low-Glycemic Chicken Dishes

When you think of losing weight and eating chicken, does your mind go immediately to images of a tough, dry, baked chicken breast? Sure, white-meat, boneless, skinless chicken is the leanest way to go [more…]

How to Make Low-Glycemic Beef Dishes

Beef has been a little taboo in the dieting and health world because of its higher fat content. Although many cuts of beef are high in fat as well as saturated fat, some cuts are relatively low in fat. [more…]

How to Make Low-Glycemic Seafood Dishes

Seafood isn’t just a lean protein source — it’s also the best way to get in your omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids are beneficial for heart health and your mood; they also work as a powerful anti-inflammatory [more…]


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