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Low-Glycemic Recipes for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

The glycemic index and glycemic load are all about choosing carbohydrate-containing foods wisely and putting them to work for you. These recipes are a good start to eating the low-glycemic way, which results [more…]

Glycemic Index Diet For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Following a low-glycemic diet for weight loss isn't about deprivation; it's about making better choices and swapping high-glycemic foods for ones that have a lower glycemic index or glycemic load. Once [more…]

How a Low-Glycemic Diet and Mediterranean Diet are Nearly the Same

The Mediterranean diet has been studied for more than 60 years with evidence linking it to decreased heart disease, diabetes, and mortality. A recent study published in the journal [more…]

10 Fabulous Low-Glycemic Foods

Selecting low-glycemic foods rather than high-glycemic ones is always a good tactic for weight loss. And many low-glycemic foods also provide great health benefits because many are packed with fiber, vitamins [more…]

Determining if Your Mixed Meal is Low-Glycemic

Figuring out if a food is low glycemic takes human testing, so it's not so simple to get every food tested. As of now, you can find most of your common single foods, but what about mixed meals like lasagna [more…]

Starting a Low-Glycemic Diet with Small Steps

Even with all the science and numbers, starting a low glycemic diet doesn't need to be difficult. Actually you don't have to know the glycemic number of a food to follow an overall low-glycemic diet. Simply [more…]

Keeping Your Beverages Low-Glycemic

After you begin a low-glycemic diet don't forget about one crucial piece of the puzzle . . . your drinks! Low-glycemic drinks like coffee or tea can become high-glycemic quickly. Although your favorite [more…]

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