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How to Eat Balanced Meals on a Low-Glycemic Diet

Discovering how to balance the nutrients in your meals is an essential part of losing weight successfully on a low-glycemic diet. For a diet to be truly balanced it must contain a mix of carbohydrates, [more…]

Comparing the Glycemic Index to the Glycemic Load

The glycemic load, which is based on the idea that a high-glycemic food eaten in small quantities produces a blood sugar response that's similar to the response produced by low-glycemic foods, is a much [more…]

Glycemic Load and Popular Foods

The information here is designed to provide you with some insight into how the glycemic load varies among popular food choices. As you can see, fruits and vegetables typically end up on the low end whereas [more…]

How to Adopt Healthy Habits for a Low-Glycemic Diet

Experiencing long-term weight loss on a low-glycemic diet means creating some new dietary habits. That's right, habits. Try not to look at this diet as a temporary plan; if you do, be prepared for weight [more…]

How to Use the Glycemic Index

You can use the glycemic index to make gradual, lasting changes in your diet. You don’t have to know the actual glycemic number of a food to follow an overall low-glycemic diet. Simply choose foods with [more…]

How to Replace High-Glycemic Grains with Low-Glycemic Ones

People who are starting a low-glycemic diet have a love/hate relationship with grains. Many popular grains have a high glycemic index (fluffy mashed potatoes, creamy white rice, pasta with grandma’s secret [more…]

How to Choose Low-Glycemic Breads

It’s a given that the soft, squishy white bread that’s often a favorite of children has a high glycemic index. To get a lower glycemic count, you need to go with whole-grain breads, especially those that [more…]

How to Choose Low-Glycemic Pasta

Many people believe that pasta has a high glycemic index. But, no! Spaghetti made from white durum wheat, the most prevalent type of pasta available, has a glycemic index of just 44. Macaroni has a similar [more…]

How to Use Fruits and Vegetables on a Low-Glycemic Diet

A low-glycemic diet means plenty of fruits and vegetables, which promote overall good health. Fruits and vegetables are some of the most nutritious, low-glycemic, low-calorie foods available. Packed with [more…]

How to Use Beans (Legumes) on a Low-Glycemic Diet

If you're not familiar with the class of foods known as legumes (which includes beans, lentils, and peas), you're missing out. The all-star legumes, beans, really have it all. Beans are low-glycemic, high-fiber [more…]

How to Measure Your Metabolic Rate

Everything you eat and do affects your metabolism, or the rate at which your body burns calories. A glycemic index diet helps you increase your metabolic rate for faster weight loss. Your [more…]

How to Increase Your Metabolic Rate

Kicking your metabolism up a notch helps you lose weight on a glycemic index diet or any diet at all. You can create a personalized plan for a metabolism makeover with activities that work for you. [more…]

Behaviors that Lower Your Metabolic Rate

You’re probably switching to a low-glycemic diet in an effort to lose weight, and congratulations, you’ve made a smart and healthy choice. But along with the food you eat, the activity you do or don’t [more…]

Low-Glycemic Baked Polenta with Tomatoes

Polenta is a basic Italian dish of cooked cornmeal mush — a versatile food that forms the base for a variety of flavor-packed toppings. Polenta is low-glycemic and has some fiber and a small amount of [more…]

Low-Glycemic Quinoa with Veggies and Toasted Pine Nuts

Half a cup of quinoa has a glycemic load of around 9, making it a great and tasty low-glycemic option. Quinoa is a protein-rich grain that has a creamy texture and a nutty taste, which makes it a great [more…]

Low-Glycemic Summer Pasta Salad

Pasta is one of the toughest foods to incorporate into a low-glycemic diet because most pastas fall into the high-glycemic category. But you can go low-glycemic and still enjoy pasta if you’re smart about [more…]

Low-Glycemic Potato and Squash Gratin

Potatoes au gratin is a creamy, cheese-spiked potato dish that may not sound compatible with a low-glycemic diet. You just need to know how to choose and eat your potatoes to make them a little lower in [more…]

Choosing Low-Glycemic Foods in the Proper Portion Size

The goal of healthy eating on a low-glycemic diet is to balance your food choices every day, even when your days are hectic. You don’t have to eat all low-glycemic carbs all the time, but aim for choosing [more…]

Low-Glycemic Stuffed Peppers

Try this recipe for low-glycemic stuffed bell peppers for a filling (and tasty) entree. You need to do a bit of work cleaning out peppers and doctoring tomato sauce, but this dish is well worth the effort [more…]

Low-Glycemic Quinoa with White Beans and Tomatoes

Quinoa is a great grain to use in a vegetarian meal. Not only is it low glycemic and high in fiber, but it’s also a complete protein providing all the essential amino acids vegetarian meals sometimes lack [more…]

How to Be a Savvy Low-Glycemic Shopper

Shopping for groceries when you follow a low-glycemic diet is a little different from going grocery shopping while on other types of diets. Some foods haven't been tested for their glycemic index, leaving [more…]

Comparing Fresh, Frozen, and Canned Produce for a Low-Glycemic Diet

Small differences can occur in the glycemic level and nutrient value of food (especially produce) depending on how it’s packaged. These differences aren’t always drastic, but they’re good to know about [more…]

How to Read Nutrition Labels for Low-Glycemic Shopping

Even though you can't find a food's glycemic index or load on its packaging, the ever-present nutrition facts label is a valuable tool for finding the best low-glycemic choices, as well as the best foods [more…]

How to Stock Your Kitchen for a Low-Glycemic Diet

One of the best ways to maintain your new low-glycemic dietary changes is to keep your pantry stocked with low-glycemic food items. Why? Well, if you haven’t already, you’ll eventually reach a point where [more…]

How to Choose a Low-Glycemic-Friendly Restaurant

Adopting a low-glycemic diet doesn't mean you'll never go to a restaurant again. Eating out when you’re choosing a low-glycemic diet means you need to pay a little more attention to what a low-glycemic-friendly [more…]


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