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10 Ways to Sneak Chia into Your Kids’ Food

Kids can be tough customers to please, and when you’re trying to get them to eat healthy, any tricks that boost the healthy foods in their diets are welcome! That’s where chia seeds can lend a helping [more…]

10 Ways Chia Is a Superfood

Chia is one of the most nutrient-dense foods found anywhere in the world. Not only is it exceptionally high in essential nutrients such as protein and fiber, but chia benefits your health by giving you [more…]

10 Tricks for Getting Chia into Your Everyday Diet

Tossing some chia seeds into whatever you’re eating is a wonderful way to boost the nutritional value of your meals. The seeds are tiny and have virtually no flavor, but they’re brimming with nutrients [more…]

Chia: A Simple Seed Brimming with Nutrients

Simple is a great word for chia. The seeds are tiny but powerful, and adding them to your foods is simple. Within these small, black and white seeds are great levels of omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, protein [more…]

Chia and the Aztecs

Evidence that the Aztecs used chia appears in codices written 500 years ago. Codices were documents written in Nahuatl, the native language of the Aztecs, as well as in Spanish. A lot of them described [more…]

Chia versus Flax: Which Wins?

Flaxseeds are great seeds to add to your diet — they’re very high in the all-important omega-3s that everyone needs more of and chia is often compared to flax because it has similar amounts of omega 3 [more…]

Chia’s Modern Resurrection

The resurrection of chia as a hugely beneficial functional food is occurring today as more people continue to discover its benefits and rely on it to provide energy, strength, and endurance again. This [more…]

How to Navigate Chia Food Labels

To understand what nutrients are in chia and products containing chia, your first stop should be the Nutrition Facts label. This label tells you everything from the suggested serving size to the ingredients [more…]

What’s Not on Chia Food Labels

Food labels are great, but they can’t possibly tell you everything. There is so much more to chia than can fit on a typical food label! The vitamins and minerals found in chia that are [more…]

Chia and Its Fatty Acids

The fatty acids contained in chia seeds are mostly these essential fatty acids that are required for good health. Fat has been the victim of some bad press the last few decades. But what the news articles [more…]

The Fiber Boost Found in Chia

Fiber is mainly found in fruits, vegetable, legumes, and whole grains, but chia is also a fantastic source of fiber, providing 5 g of fiber per 15 g serving of chia. This equates to 20 percent of the fiber [more…]

Chia: The Power of a Complete Protein

Chia is a great source of protein — not only is chia made up of 21 percent protein, but it’s a high-quality complete protein that our bodies crave. Protein is an important nutrient that is essential for [more…]

The Antioxidants That Give Chia the Edge

Chia is chock-full of naturally occurring antioxidants that really give it the edge when it comes to packing nutrients into small spaces. Antioxidants protect delicate essential fatty acids from oxidation [more…]

How Chia Feeds Your Brain

Chia contains all four of the major nutrients needed for brain function. Eating plenty of chia can go a long way toward supporting the nutritional requirements of your brain in conjunction with a good [more…]

How Chia Helps Keep Your Heart Healthy

Omega-3 fatty acids are key to keeping your heart healthy. Chia is the among the best plant sources of omega-3s, and it gives the heart and blood network a boost of the nutrients it needs to stay healthy [more…]

How Chia Can Help Manage Your Weight

Not only are the nutrients in chia important for supporting the body, but chia also has another great benefit to support weight management. Being overweight has a serious effect on the function of the [more…]

Ways to Add Chia to Everyday Foods

Because chia seeds are very mild tasting and odorless, you can easily add them to all your favorite foods without affecting the flavor. So, if you’re having a nutrient-poor meal, such as pasta, you can [more…]

How to Use Chia as an Ingredient

Big brands are figuring out that if they add chia to foodstuffs, they can increase the nutrient profile of foods without affecting the flavor. Demand for nutritious food is growing as more people become [more…]

Including Chia in Your Favorite Drinks

One of the oldest chia recipes — it’s been around for centuries — is chia fresca. This drink is common in Mexico and Central America. You simply add chia to water, lemon juice, and sugar. The Mexican cultures [more…]

Using Chia as a Substitute Ingredient

You can take out ingredients in your favorite recipes and replace them with chia. This can greatly improve the recipe’s nutrient value — because typically you’re taking out not-so-healthy foods and replacing [more…]

How to Bulk Up Your Favorite Recipes with Chia

Instead of avoiding your favorite recipes, look at ways to bulk them up by adding chia, fruits, or vegetables. Bulking up your meals is the best way to stretch your calorie budget and a great way to improve [more…]

The Various Types of Chia

Chia always comes from the plant, Salvia hispanica L, but by the time it makes it to your grocery store shelves, it can be presented in different forms: ground or milled chia, white chia, and chia that [more…]

How Chia Plays Nice with All Kinds of Dietary Restrictions

Today, many people are on specialized diets. Maybe they’ve gone gluten-free, or they’re vegan, or they avoid certain foods because of allergies. Whatever foods you like, don’t like, have to avoid, or want [more…]

Shopping for Chia Seeds

All chia is not created equal. Chia seeds require very specific growing conditions for the seeds to become high in omega-3 fatty acids, protein, and other nutrients. Weather conditions, the amount of sunlight [more…]

Chia and Oats: A Powerful Breakfast

When it comes to packing in the nutrients at breakfast time, you can’t get much better than mixing chia seeds with oats. The combined nutrients in chia and oats will get you well on your way to filling [more…]


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