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How to Place Centerpieces on Your Holiday Table

On Christmas and Thanksgiving tables you can use home-made centerpieces of fruit, pine cones and evergreen boughs, leaves, and other natural items. Holiday table centerpieces can also feature candles, [more…]

Decorate Paper Tableware for a Budget–Smart Christmas

Don't be afraid to use paper tableware such as plates, cups, and napkins for Christmas entertaining and decorating. Paper goods come in many holiday motifs, but those fancy designs add to the price. Be [more…]

How to Buy and Use Fireworks Safely

As spring turns into summer, Americans start gearing up for Independence Day. In many cases, that means loading up on fireworks. For most people, Fourth of July fireworks displays are fun nights full of [more…]

Creating Your Own Two-Week Menu Plan

When you’re ready to create your own menu plans, start small and plan 14 days’ worth of meals. After you get the hang of menu planning, you can plan more weeks at once. [more…]

Solutions for Dinners in Small Dining Areas

Americans are casual diners, so not everyone has a formal dining room for dinner parties. Whether you just have a small dining room or you are planning a meal for a dozen guests and you don’t have space [more…]

How to Package a Food Gift

After you’ve spent the time to make a delicious gift from your kitchen, take some packaging precautions before sending it. Keep in mind you can never have too much protection when you pack your food gifts [more…]

How to Make Meaty Snacks for a Party as a Student Cook

Finger food is the perfect thing to cook up for parties and students need their protein. These meaty snacks are easy to pick up and eat, and party-goers can mix and match it with the other food on the [more…]

Paleo Diet Meal Plans: What to Serve at a Party

Eating like a cave man while on your Paleo diet can carry through to parties and holidays. To truly celebrate, create menus featuring Paleo foods that nourish your body and taste great — and then, on very [more…]

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