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Recipe Substitutions for Cooking Emergencies

Say you're making a vinaigrette dressing for a salad and suddenly realize that you're out of vinegar. You do have lemons, which are an acceptable substitute, but how much lemon do you use? Or maybe you [more…]

Identifying Basic Sauces for Cooking

You can find all kinds of sauces for food, but sauce serves one purpose: to enhance the dish it's served with. Think of a sauce as a primary liquid and flavored with ingredients and seasonings. For example [more…]

How to Sauté

The common technique of sautéing, also called pan-frying, is nothing more than cooking food in a hot pan. You sauté with a little fat to prevent sticking. Sautéing imparts a crispy texture to foods and [more…]

Understanding Water Cooking Terms

Cooking with water is simple, but not understanding water cooking terms can ruin a dish. It helps to know water cooking terms so you can do exactly what a recipe calls for. [more…]

How to Boil Water

Boiling means bringing water to 212 degrees Fahrenheit for cooking. But you don’t need a thermometer to boil water. The process to boil water (or any other kind of liquid) is simple, and you need to follow [more…]

Making Sense of Food Labels

Food labels can be pretty confusing if you don't know how to read them. If you're trying to cut down on fat in your diet, label reading is essential because the label lists the exact amount of fat and [more…]

Knowing the Benefits of Menu Planning

Maybe you think you don’t have time to sit down and plan two weeks’ worth of meals. But when you plan 14 menus at once, you eliminate the nightly need to figure out what’s for dinner after a hard day at [more…]

How Much to Cook When You Cook for a Crowd

When you're cooking for a crowd, knowing how much to cook is your biggest concern. The following tables help you determine how much food you need to prepare — everything from appetizers through desserts [more…]

Tips for Reading Recipes before Cooking

Preparing, understanding, and completing a recipe require looking ahead and thoroughly reading the recipe before you start cooking or baking. Save yourself from a cooking catastrophe by following these [more…]

Timesaving Cooking Tips

Save time when cooking with these handy tips. Serving up a meal is a snap with these timesaving hints. You'll cook more efficiently and enjoy more time with family and friends at the table! [more…]

How to Eat Well without Being Out of Pocket

Even though at uni you’re surrounded by friends and mates, you sometimes find yourself on your lonesome for an evening meal. Everyone slinks off back to their flats or halls to rummage around in their [more…]

How to Truss Poultry

Trussing is a technique that helps poultry keep its shape and cook evenly. This video shows how to wrap and tie the string so your roasted chicken will look picture-perfect. Use the same technique to truss [more…]

How to Sauté (Pan Fry) and Stir-Fry

Sautéing, or pan frying, starts with cooking in butter or oil and ends with crispy vegetables. Stir-frying is another cooking method that yields flavorful vegetables and juicy meats from fresh foods or [more…]

How to Roast a Turkey

A perfect roast turkey is the quintessential family dinner. This video shows how to roast a turkey; and offers tips on selecting the best bird at the supermarket, choosing the right pan for cooking the [more…]

How to Parboil, Steam, Poach, and Braise

Whether you're parboiling, steaming, poaching, or braising, you're cooking with liquid. These cooking techniques vary for foods and desired results. You can tenderize tough meat with braising and loosen [more…]

How to Carve a Turkey

Carving a turkey yourself can make Thanksgiving (or any holiday) even better. Turkey carving requires cutting with the right knife to enjoy meat from the drumstick, wings, thighs, and breast — no matter [more…]

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