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Dry Goods for the Pantry

Every kitchen pantry should be well stocked with dry goods. Dry goods are foods that aren’t refrigerated or frozen. Stock your pantry with these staples and packaged foods — they can last for a substantial [more…]

Homemade Apple Butter

Apple butter is kind of a cross between a jam and homemade applesauce. The rich flavor and wonderful aroma of this apple butter can transform a plain piece of toast into something decadent. [more…]

Cooking Oils

The aisle of your local store that’s devoted to cooking oils can be confusing these days. You can find oils for just about any use, from salad toppers to stir fry, but knowing which oil you need can be [more…]

How to Pick Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

When choosing fresh fruits and vegetables, a few common rules apply. Avoid fruits and vegetables that have brown spots, wrinkled skin, mold, or don’t look . . . well . . . fresh! Here are a few other produce [more…]

Condiments and Sauces to Enhance Meals

Condiments are seasonings or foods used to enhance meals. What’s a hot dog without mustard? French fries without ketchup? Having quality condiments and sauces on hand is always wise — you never know when [more…]

Identifying Lettuces (or Mild Greens)

You can find mild greens (lettuces) in your local supermarket, and these greens can create mouthwatering lettuce salads. Typically crunchy and slightly sweet, here are the most popular mild greens: [more…]

Identifying Pungent Greens

Pungent greens have a bite. These greens make excellent additions to salads with a mild greens base. You can also use pungent greens in a variety of dishes. Here’s a list of the most common types of pungent [more…]

How to Cook Grains on the Stovetop

You cook all grains on the stovetop by following the same three basic steps. The only thing that varies from grain to grain is the length of cooking time. Cooking grains on your stovetop is simple: [more…]

Knowing Your Mexican Chiles

You can’t call yourself a true Mexican-food fanatic without knowing about the variety of chiles used in Mexican cuisine. These chiles, which are both dried and fresh, have a wide range of uses in Mexican [more…]

Types of Sweet Fruit Spreads

Sweet fruit spreads, generically referred to as preserves, come in many forms and textures. You can find sweet fruit spreads in your local supermarket, or you can make them yourself. The types of sweet [more…]

Ingredients that Widen Your Baking Options

The ingredients you keep on hand in your pantry can make or break a baking plan. Though you may not use these baking ingredients all the time, they’re just the right supplies for certain baking projects [more…]

How to Buy Fresh Greens

Greens that you buy at the supermarket or the farmer’s market may not always be fresh. When buying fresh greens, check for signs of aging. Greens is the catchall term for green leafy vegetable including [more…]

Staples for Your Pantry, Refrigerator, and Freezer

Family hungry and nothing to cook? Make sure that never happens again. If you always keep these staples in your pantry, refrigerator, and freezer, you’ll never again be stuck with no option but takeout [more…]

Pantry Supplies for Last-Minute Food Gifts

Besides the basics like sugar, flour, butter and eggs, having the following list of ingredients on-hand enables you to make many last minute food gifts. Most of the ingredients will keep for a long time [more…]

How to Assemble Your Food Truck's Supply List

Just as you’d set up a grocery list for your personal use at home, generating a supply list for your food truck should be based on the needs of your menu. Look at your menu and put together a comprehensive [more…]

How to Find Potential Suppliers for Your Food Truck

The ultimate goal in selecting a food supplier for your food truck is to find one who will offer you high-quality food with good pricing. You’ll have the opportunity to work with numerous food suppliers [more…]

Interview and Choose Suppliers for Your Food Truck Business

You don’t want a supplier with a shabby operation providing your food truck with food that will be attached to your brand. When it’s time to meet your supplier candidates, be sure to meet them at their [more…]

Negotiate Terms with Your Food Truck Suppliers

When you find a supplier or multiple suppliers who appear to fit the needs of your food truck business, you have to negotiate terms to your business relationship with them. Be sure to settle all your business [more…]

Establish Good Relationships with Your Food Truck Suppliers

A good relationship is based on the promise of long-term collaboration between your food truck business and suppliers. Orders get placed, trucks deliver products, and invoices get paid. Unfortunately, [more…]

Determine Your Food Truck's Proper Inventory Level

The inventory for your mobile food business is the food and other supplies that you’ve purchased and placed in storage. Whether the value of the food is [more…]

Calculate and Monitor Your Food Truck's Weekly Food Costs

When you're running a food truck business, to make sure you’re keeping up on your food costs, you need to calculate them every week. If your monthly profit and loss [more…]

Refrigerated and Frozen Staples

Refrigeration extends the life of most fresh foods. Items that you want to keep very cold — milk, juice, stocks, beer, leftovers, and seafood, for example — should be placed in the back. And what about [more…]


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