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How to Trim and Cut a Pineapple

If you buy a whole pineapple, you need to cut and trim it. Trimming and cutting a pineapple may seem like a daunting task, but a pineapple cuts up pretty easily: [more…]

How to Store Fresh Vegetables

Most fresh vegetables need to be stored in the refrigerator to stay fresh for very long. Store vegetables at room temperature only if you’re using them that day. Vegetables differ in how long they stay [more…]

Classic Chinese Sauces and Condiments

Chinese cooking encompasses thousands of sauces and condiments, and thanks to your supermarket’s Asian food aisle, many classic Chinese sauces and condiments are readily available. Some of these flavors [more…]

Freezing Fresh Vegetables

Fresh vegetables are quick and easy to freeze. And if you blanch your vegetables before freezing them, they retain their fresh qualities after you freeze them. Follow these steps for freezing vegetables [more…]

Basic Types of Rice

Although you don’t need to memorize every type of rice on the planet (there are thousands), get acquainted with the five basic types of rice common to cooking today: [more…]

What Foods Not to Freeze

In practice, any food can be frozen. In reality, not all food freezes well because of its texture or composition. Don’t freeze foods you can’t defrost and eat later. Here’s a list of foods that don’t freeze [more…]

Types of Chinese Vegetables

Demand for Chinese vegetables has risen dramatically, as Asian-American communities grow and diners seek new taste experiences. Chinese vegetables fit perfectly into healthy vegetable-based diets and are [more…]

Shelf Life of Dairy Products

You need to store all dairy products, including milk and cheese, in the refrigerator. Each kind of dairy product stays fresh when stored in the fridge for a different period of time: [more…]

How to Buy Eggs

When buying eggs, you have several factors to consider. Most recipes call for large eggs, so keep that in mind when buying. Besides the size of the eggs, also consider the specialty eggs available, which [more…]

How to Buy Fresh Fish and Shellfish

When buying fish and shellfish, freshness is the most important factor. If you don’t know how to buy fish, use your eyes and nose to seek out telltale signs of quality. [more…]

Fresh Vegetables for Sushi

Fresh vegetables like cucumber and carrots are common in sushi. But for variety and authenticity, look for some specialized vegetables to add to your sushi-making session. These sushi-friendly vegetables [more…]

How to Buy Beef

When buying beef, consider its grading and cut. Also, buy beef with good marbling (flecks of fat) — the more marbling there is, the more moist and tender the beef will be. Beef is graded according to the [more…]

How to Store Fresh Fruits

Most fresh fruits are quite perishable and require refrigeration. You can leave some fruits out to ripen, but when they’re ripe, they last longer in the fridge. Here are some suggestions on storing fresh [more…]

How to Organize Your Pantry

Keep the pantry well organized so you can see and easily reach the cooking staples and dry goods you use most. Organizing the pantry will save time as you cook — and you’ll save money. How many times have [more…]

How to Buy Chicken

Knowing how to buy chicken will result in quality meals. When buying chicken, look for Grade A poultry. It’s economical because it has the most meat in proportion to bone. The packages should be well-sealed [more…]

Pairing Foods with Wines

Depending on the food you’re serving, you may find one wine suits better than another. Pairing foods with wines the right way can make a meal wonderful or a waste. [more…]

Freezing Fresh Fruit

You can freeze fresh fruit for all kinds of uses, from pies to jams, and they last for quite awhile in your freezer. When you freeze fresh fruit, follow these steps: [more…]

Drying Fresh Herbs

Air-drying herbs is easy and the perfect solution for saving your fresh herbs. Herbs that you dry yourself often have a superior taste to the dried herbs you can buy in the store. [more…]

Types of Vinegar

Vinegar comes in many different forms (all of them tart!). Although red or white wine is the most common liquid base, anything that ferments can be used to make vinegar. Here are the common types of vinegar [more…]

Getting to Know Herbs

Fresh herbs are wonderful, and dried herbs are wonderfully convenient. Either way, herbs can really add pizzazz to your cooking. Herbs are produced from the stems and leaves of a variety of plants, while [more…]

A Few Good Cheeses

If you get to know your quality cheeses, eating it can be a wonderful change of pace. Add some good cheese to your pantry for parties, snacking, and pairing with wine. When buying cheese, remember that [more…]

Getting to Know Spices

When you want to add extra flavor to a dish, turn to spices. Spices can come from a plant’s roots, seeds, bark, buds, or berries. (Herbs are produced from the stems and leaves of a plant). [more…]

Bottled and Canned Goods for the Pantry

Stock your panty with bottled and canned goods, which have a long shelf life (until you open that bottle or can, of course). In addition to the standards like ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise, you can [more…]

Essential Baking Ingredients

If you already have all the baking ingredients you need, you’re in business for baking! Having essential baking ingredients on hand creates almost-instant gratification when you get a sudden urge to bake [more…]

Freezing Fresh Herbs

The flavors that fresh herbs add to just about any dish are truly tasty. Frozen herbs are a great compromise when fresh herbs aren’t available. Frozen herbs are great in cooked dishes, but they aren’t [more…]


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